Spirits moving away?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spirits moving away?

Spirits moving away?
Post # 1
well it's rather a little thing but still it bothers me have anyone noticed how many creatures and spirits have been moving from their original place? if you look my bio i say my familiar it's a kitsune, i finded it a little strange but well i didn't payed much attention to that, but the other day my friend also involved in magic said he saw a dullahan both of us goed through the training to see spirits, normally in mexico we see some fairies but right now we're seeing more of these ones anyone knows more about these?
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Re: Spirits moving away?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Mostly, they were always there. As your perceptions improve, you'll notice them more and more. At least, that's what happened to me.
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Re: Spirits moving away?
Post # 3
seriously? wow i didn't knew that (i know it sounds sarcastic but it's not) it's just that it is a little weird a friend that now lives in victoria one of the hottest city's in mexico with really high temperature but still he saw a jack frost passing by, it happened near christmas of last year but hell even in christmas that city is hot why would a jack frost spirit that makes snow in hot country? maybe it was just passing through and my friends are no liars we passed through the same thing, saw the same things, and sensed the same things we were training together but i got a japanese spirit so i can't argue but hell it was strange
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Re: Spirits moving away?
Post # 4
Just as people migrate, so does everything else, plants, animals, spirits, etc. Some are fixed, yes, but some also move around following people, etc. Also, while things move from one place to another, keep in mind also that when you see something you may think it is something it is not. Your friends may not be lying, but they may also not know they saw something else.
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Re: Spirits moving away?
Post # 5
It's honestly not that uncommon for spirits to 'migrate' as it were. I live in... I'm only going to say rural US, and I've come across, in my day, kitsunes, shadow-people, leprechauns, banshees, a dullahan, once I swear I saw a revenant, some things that I don't know what they were. It's really a fairly common thing, in my experience.
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