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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Poltergeist

Post # 1
Is possiblle to send a poltergeist in someone house?Thanks!!Blessed be!!
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Re: Poltergeist
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Site Spells Discussion.
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Re: Poltergeist
Post # 3
Poltergeists are mysterious insomuch as to have controversy over if they are evil spirits,(demons) or angry restless souls...some even say created out of our own thoughtforms. Dealt with them before, and my opinion is they are akin to shadow imps. Mischievous...always moved around my pills,lighters,coins,open/close cabinets. Idk about sending such lesser mischievous spirits to a house. To a person sure...if you have access to said house there are many options for you.
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Re: Poltergeist
Post # 4
I no think it possible.
As I understand poltergeist is angry or sad spirit of human.
I think word is german or russian for angry ghost. I no remember.

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Re: Poltergeist
Post # 5

Close, it is German but it translates as "noisy ghost" (rather than angry or sad). The main problem with poltergeists is that all 7 of the "criteria" or common symptoms of a poltergeist-style haunting can be largely explained.

  1. Disappearing objects (lapse in memory)
  2. Objects moving or being thrown (seismic activity, settling houses and PK have all been suggested, there are multiple possible explainations)
  3. Scents and odours (depending on the odour there are 101 ways a house can smell funny)
  4. Electrical interference (faulty electrics or random electrical interference)
  5. Things turning on (faulty electrics, lapse in memory and nowadays remote control pranks)
  6. Knock, rapping, footsteps and other random noises (there are 102 ways for house to make funny noises)
  7. Physical attacks (seek medical attention, bruises and rashes that appear out of nowhere can show underlying medical issues)

When it comes to poltergeists, I'd be sceptical about their existance let alone someone's ability to send a poltergeist to someone else. One of the more likely explainations for poltergeist activity is simply the good old placebo effect. Tell someone a house is haunted and they're much more likely to report "paranormal" activity.

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Re: Poltergeist
Post # 6
I doubt there's a spell to specifically sent a Poltergeist into a home but I'm not certain, It's a individual they connect to anyway.

I'm no way sceptical about them they are very real, I'v experienced them many times though not in some time now, the 7 signs Quietstar states are just a starting point, if they get the attention they seek and you are scared or tormenting them they can do a lot more, one time it scratched a Pentagram on the wall and melted the leg on a plastic chair and the next day they were back to normal, I don't recall any strange smells or odours though. Smudging works best to my knowledge just don't get the Church involved they'll think your mad and will make things worse.
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