When to use a spell!

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When to use a spell!
Post # 1
Im fairly new here and to magic but I have enough common sense to know when (IMO) to use magic and spells.

1: Identify the problem

"There is a guy I like and I want to cast a love spell so he can be in love with me and we can make babies and live happily ever after, the end~"

2: That sentence might've sounded a bit odd/weird/dumb to others why don't we try and re-phrase that?

"There is a guy I like and I was wondering if there was a certain spell to make him acknowledge his feelings for me, could someone help me find a spell?"

3: Good! now most important step: "Is this a problem that can be solved by taking action (or as my school teacher says "owning it")

"Well I suppose instead of asking for spells to solve all of my problems I could spend more time with him and eventually, if he likes me back then we can be together (but I do know that I have to make subtle hints of your feelings so that he can subconciously know and realize it sooner or later)"

Still need a spell? Spells of Magic is the right place for you then!

good examples of things that might need a spell
"I'm job hunting and I'm looking for a luck spell with a high success rate among us, can someone tell me which luck spells worked for them?"

why does this work? 1: Hes already trying to solve his problem by doing something to fix this, he is implying he checked the luck spell section and is wary of his ability to cast it, and lastly we can assume safely that he is either inexperienced with making spells (since those work the best) or either he isn't putting enough effort/positive thoughts into it!

if your problem persists after all of the necessary steps then you have a problem/situation out of your control (and presumably the proper authority) *I am not saying all of your requests sound dumb but sometimes I've seen questions like "tell me a spell to get a stalker to leave me alone plz" when simple things like "saying no" "calling the cops" or "restraining order" people often fail to realize that magick isn't a mister clean magic(k) eraser to clean all of your messes (and the ones that other people have caused you) but rather something much more elegant and out of our control. Please remember that we have to take action before we ask for chants and potions

Blessed be! :D
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Re: When to use a spell!
Post # 2
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Re: When to use a spell!
Post # 3

People can cast a spell anytime! There is no right or wrong time to cast a spell. It's all on how the said caster percieves the situation. Casting a spell can boost confidince, ya know!

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Re: When to use a spell!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: When to use a spell!
Post # 5
I understand your point im just trying to say that most of the time people aren't trying to take matters into their own hands but rather being dependent on a third party for stability
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Re: When to use a spell!
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Don't turn to magick for everything. Try to solve the situation first without it. Too many turn to magick when things can just happen naturally, or for problems, can be fixed mundanely. Magick is to help, not to replace life.
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Re: When to use a spell!
Post # 7
When you turn to magic that just means that you have tried eve posble and human way to fix things or get things. If however you had a fight with your friend and you didn't say sorry to her instead you turn to magock and use a spell that's wrong. Magic is not a ''toy'' you get your actions back to use 3x3 so I would suggest that you try to solve every problem by the human way, if of does not work then you may turn to magic. But be careful at you wish for you might just get it! Haha
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Re: When to use a spell!
Post # 8

Not exactly, Cra. Some people might just turn to magic as the first source to get rid of their problems before they even try any other opitions.

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