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Post # 1
A lot of people ask the question "Can I become a vampyre" Well it depends on who you ask.

Vampyres are not like fictional vampires. Fictional vampires have "super powers" While vampyres are for the most part regular people. The only difference is they feed on life force.

Many people feed on life force for various reasons some do it because they feel as though they need it others do it because it is a spiritual path and practice for them

What are the benefits?

In the psychic vampyre codex by Michelle Belanger she talks about psychic links that you make when you feed on someone's energy. You can pull someone to you by making them think of you through these links you can also harm someone if you wish through these links, these are called or considered energy links.

Also Michelle Belanger talks about vampyres being stronger and having stronger senses(She doesn't mean anything supernatural, a vampyre might be stronger than normal but regular people can be stronger and have better senses without being a vampyre)

Is this a religion

Well it depends on who you ask.

Can vampyres fly, shapeshift etc?

Through astral projection but so can anyone

Are vampyres immortal.

Not physically. Some vampyres do believe in a special type of spiritual immortality.

Re: Vampyres.
Post # 2
I forgot

What do vampyres feed on

Some prefer energy while others prefer blood.
People that feed on blood have donors that make sure they are tested and screened so they won't catch a sexual disease if there donor has one.

Re: Vampyres.
Post # 3
Adding that an energy vampyre is not a psychic vampyre. A psychic vampyre is an energy vampyre who has better psychic senses. That's true. Well done.

Re: Vampyres.
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Well done.

I would like to add that any category of vampire, even sanguine, runs back to an energy vampire. I would also like to add that while some find this path distasteful it is a path and should be respected as such.

We do, after all, support eclectic individuals who don't always remain culturally appropriate.

Re: Vampyres.
Post # 5
Thank you both. They should be considered real paths but people don't take them as such probably because the word just makes them think fluff. But sometimes a little bit of studying proves otherwise

Re: Vampyres.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Anyone drinking human blood will become violently ill, even die. Human blood is toxic.

Re: Vampyres.
Post # 7
Actually Brysing this isn't true. I can show you video proof of Don Henrie or others drinking human blood and not getting sick. There's also dieasies that are not vampyre related where the person either craves blood or needs it(Can't remember right now)

Re: Vampyres.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
It is true, ask any doctor.Human blood can only be given to another human by transfusion; and even then it has to be the same blood type.

Re: Vampyres.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
And by the way. Videos can be faked.Or do you think Harry Potter really rides around on a broomstick?

Re: Vampyres.
Post # 10
No Harry potter is a fictional character so he's not real.

I'm not going to keep posting here or on this, but I'm going to link these videos. If you still don't believe it after watching these that's fine. Also Don Henrie the guy in this video dresses differently but it's because he's apart of the gothic subculture.

Also I'll link you this great site.

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