laptop broke

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> laptop broke

laptop broke
Post # 1
I can't afford to repair it nor have the stuff to repair it. Is there any spells to fix it? Please no mean comments
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Re: laptop broke
Post # 2
Magic can't fix your laptop. This isn't Harry Potter where you can just say some words and wave a wand and make things happen that break the laws of physics. If you can't afford a repair, you can find a guide on the web that might be able to tell you how to do it yourself.
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Re: laptop broke
Post # 3
Greetings Hunter,

We live our lives in the box we create from our own limitations... so if you belief that "magical" things cannot happen then that is exactly what will happen. Magic is science that we cannot yet understand or explain. If you were to remember that everything in the Universe is made from the same particles just arranged differently and that we can manipulate them to change them into other materials that is real magic.

To your laptop situation... I have two different experiences that I would like to mention: I was on a Vortex healing workshop and brought a bell I like, I was asked to play with the bell to start the session and several people mentioned that the bell was missing a tone! The teacher meditated in front of the bell and after two minutes asked me to play the bell again... WoW, the sound until this day is much more beautiful! (that missing tone is now there)

Second experience: I was fixing a difficult water leak from a house window and after completing the job there was still a drip of water that was finding its way into the wall! I mentioned this to a friend I used to have via email that does Theta healing. She said she would work on that during the night and that I could go the the job and check it out. Well, the next day the leak was gone, a long distance fix!

As I am learning magic, it seems that meditation is a great part of the spell! Call it what you want but you need to find someone with enough mental development that could help you solve your laptop problem, fortunately for you that can be done long distance and so you are going to need to search the web and filter all those charlatans and liars out there trying to sell you stuff because the web is full of them. I wish I could help you but I am not that advance at all... I am still at entry level

Hope this helps,


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Re: laptop broke
Post # 4
I'm actually in the same situation except mine is a tablet and I kind of stood on it... and now it's got this HUGE crack down the middle. My mum is sleeping in but when she wakes up I have no idea what I'm gonna tell her! Any good spells or if not, any good excuses?
Please help,
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Re: laptop broke
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Accidents happen, but you can't fix your screen with magick, that isn't how it works.

In this situation, honesty is the most probably the best policy, tell the truth about the accident and hope she understands, maybe try saving some money for a screen replacement yourself, or help with the payments for a replacement.

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Re: laptop broke
Post # 6
I know what you mean like
" ninjutsu mind over matter " like open lock without key but

But now in your case,how with human state now
conscious about all particle in laptop??
Maybe if it was extraterrestrial, they can

So I suggest you,just pray ,ask help
From god that have connection with
Technology ,science ,knowledge to assist you
While you learn how to fix that

Or pray to gods ,that can assist you to go to
Right,cheap,good repair shop

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Re: laptop broke
Post # 7
Thanks HearthWitch for the advice. Honesty is the way!
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