moon goddess?

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moon goddess?
Post # 1
Since I've been into witchcraft I hear there is a moon goddess and im interested about her (I still worship Jesus btw) does she have any symbols or what because I always see )0( is that the moon goddess sign or what and how does one like worship her or something I want to stay loyal to my faith and jesus but maybe I could do both
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Re: moon goddess?
Post # 2
she is Hecate she is also called the goddess of magic and sorcery. And no I'm afraid you cannot worship her and Jesus at the same time.
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Re: moon goddess?
Post # 3
There are several moon goddesses. Google is your friend.
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Re: moon goddess?
Post # 4


Why can't you?

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Re: moon goddess?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

There is indeed a moon goddess within the Wiccan religion. In British Traditional Wicca this is a specific Goddess whose name is never revealed to those who have not been initiated into one of those Traditions.

There are goddesses associated with the moon in almost every culture. In Greece it was the Goddess Selene and the Goddess Artemis. In Roman beliefs it was Luna and Diana. But you can find many more names at

In other cultures the Moon was associated with a god rather than a goddess. As an example, in Japan the God of the Moon is Tsuki-Yomi

The symbol )0( represents the waxing, full, and waning moon. In Wicca it also represents the concept of the Triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother, Crone. The idea of the Triple Goddess is a modern one, not linked to any historical mythology, that is derived from the book of poetry called "The White Goddess" by Robert Graves.

As to whether you can worship both one of the Goddesses and Jesus I think that is up to you. However, in my opinion, it would be difficult to do since it violates many of the teachings of the Bible. I would ask why you feel a calling to worship a Goddess at all? If you do feel such a calling you might want to look into Sophia who is the feminine principle of the Divine in Gnostic Christianity.

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