I have returned after

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I have returned after
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Being gone for a while....

So, I had some new experiences I want to share with everyone.

1. My dreams with Anubis has became stronger and I feel extremely close to him closer then any other God/Goddesses. I'm still trying to understand what he is trying to tell me but I guess I have to learn that for myself.

2. I noticed something weird in a dream I had the other night that I was wondering someone could help me on? I'm standing outside it's dark and I was surrounded by 30-40 black candles all in a circle, I was standing in a huge Pentagon and chanting holding my hand out, I felt like it was so real I felt the warmth of the candles, the slight cool breeze in the air, the burning smell of the candles, and something touching my hand. It was cold and very clammy I wasn't sure what it was but I felt as it entered my body. After that the candles blew out and I stood there in the dark looking up at the stars. Any intake?

3. My dream last night was exotic, I was using a ouji board and asking question until the board floated and said dangerous, then it dropped and I felt like my nose was bleeding, and had a sharp pain in my chest, but it all went away when Anubis appeared in a mirror and he was pointing to a door I have never seen before...

Like I said my dreams are getting stronger sometimes I can feel myself getting hurt and I'll wake up with a bruise or a small scratch, I can't figure if I wacked myself or my cat attacked me. But it has been getting weird lately.
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Re: I have returned after
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: I have returned after
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Maybe showing you the possible danger of using spirit boards. Letting something come through that could get into you is not a good thing. Just a thought...
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