Accurate fictional witch?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Accurate fictional witch?

Accurate fictional witch?
Post # 1
We get pretty used to incredibely innacurate representation of witches in fiction, so I was wondering if anyone can remember something with an accurate witch character?
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Re: Accurate fictional witch?
Post # 2
No offense to the real deal but considering the limitations of magick a realistic portrayal in books or movies would probably be boring. The most realistic I can think of, though many portrayals have real concepts mixed in with fiction, is Cassandra Nightingale from the Hallmark TV aired Good Witch series of movies. I can't recall every aspects shown but in the first movie you never actually had proof she was a witch as everything could be attributed to coincidence nor do I recall her outright calling herself one as it was left to mystery. They have aired multiple movies since the first airing and besides knowledge of things she shouldn't be able of know, and premonitions are real, she mostly gives advice so nothing overly fictionally magickal that I recall. It's not a movie where things move with a wave of the hand in other words.
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Re: Accurate fictional witch?
Post # 3
I haven't seen the movie Wind said, but the movie "The Craft" is a close second, as some of its concepts are true to an extent.

Also, do any of you remember this movie where these two girls/sisters wish for some boyfriend who had one green eye and one blue eye the they meet later in the movie when they are adults?
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Re: Accurate fictional witch?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

Practical Magic is the movie you are recalling. Again this movie has some realistic aspects mixed with pure fiction.

I suggest the original 1973 Wickerman as another occult movie with some real knowledge entwined with Hollywood entertainment since it was originally classified as horror. The main character is played by Christopher Lee an actor whom is also known for his heathen beliefs.

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Re: Accurate fictional witch?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You need to take movies/books with a grain of salt. The Craft is a fun movie, but how bored would people be if there spells weren't physical changes like eyes, hair so on.

The most accurate I have seen is Practical Magic. It's a book made into a movie. The movie is about two sisters who are from a long line of witches. The first witch was their aunt Maria who over 200 years ago fell in love with a man who left her. In her sorrow she cast a spell so she would never feel the heartache again, but as her bitterness grew it turned into a curse on any man who loved an Owens woman. Present day the younger sister gets into a bad relationship which results in the two sisters killing the man, they bring him back to life but he's 'dark and unnatural' so they kill him again and bury him in the yard. This begins a haunting and possession of the sister/house. It's got some points and they do bring up misconceptions and fear from the townspeople about their craft, but its the magick where it steps away from reality. The love spells [minus the floating leaves scene] and a few other glanced over elements are rather accurate but the more fantastical such as bringing the man back to life, blowing on a candle to light it, and my favourite stirring tea with your energy, aren't. But I like the story, and they do a good job showing there really isn't anything 'evil' with their life as witches. [Plus their house is my dream home, I want it so bad.]

Unless you're looking at non fiction, don't expect a 100% accurate fantasy. Most people would be rather bored watching people meditate and drying herbs.
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Re: Accurate fictional witch?
Post # 6
yeah the movie you're thinking of is Practical Magic
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