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Post # 1
Does anyone that is experienced in herbs know of anything that can sooth the lungs? I'm not talking a miracle just something that helps with lung pain. I have COPD and my lungs hurt all the time. 10yrs ago 3 different doctors give me 2yrs to live and I said then that nobody was gonna tell me when my time here is up! I'm very determined to live for my children but the pain is unbearable sometimes so any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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Re: Suggestions
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Eucalyptus oil warmed can help loosen up the sinuses and any congestion in the lungs. Stay away from milk products, as this tends to leave a film in the back of the throat; mucus. If you live in a dry place, or run air conditioners, you can set a big pot of water on the stove and heat it to steam, like a warm humidifier. Breathe in the steam, as it seems to soothe. You can add a couple drops eucalyptus oil to further the therapy. No smoking1 And no incense burning. Find very light fragrances, if you must, in an oil warmer. Even the smell of dish soap and laundry detergent can affect your lungs and sinuses. I can't walk down that aisle in a store. Everything I get is unscented. Keep the dust down. Even distilled water in a spray bottle with a fine mist helps. I spray around my place often, as I live in desert, and there is always dust in the air. But humid all the time makes the air thicker, so for some its hard to breathe; makes the air "heavy", or "thick". Try to find a balance that works for you. A fan on low will keep the air moving, making it easier to breathe. I have one little fan on each side of my bed for this purpose.
Hope this helps. Blessed Be...
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Re: Suggestions
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I think Star.Child has covered the majority but i know a few herbs that are meant to help bring relief to lung pain

Osha root
Licorice root
Oregano and thyme
White willow bark

Do your own research though. Any product weather its herbal or artificial, will have side affects.
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Re: Suggestions
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

Mullein can aid lung function. Pluracy root is used to treat pluracy, a lung issue similar to pneumonia by aiding lung function. There are Tai Chi exercises to help the lungs and increase lung function. You will need to research these and any other alternative therapies. Be sure to also consult a medical professional before starting any herbal or alternative treatments.

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