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Post # 1
Ofuda are magical talismans or amulets that originate from China/Japan. They are used for anything such as protection or business to increasing your love life. Originally, they belong to the Shinto, Taoist, or Buddhist traditions of Asia, though they could really be adapted into any religion. The standard ofuda is made of paper or cloth, and have the names of any spirit or god on it, along with a prayer, spell, or incantation, written in kanji. (Chinese characters) You may have seen ofuda on popular anime shows such as Inuyasha or Blue Exorcist.
To make an ofuda, you will need the following materials:
Ink (I usually make my own ink, for magical purposes.)
Brush or pen to apply ink to paper
Knowledge of kanji (According to tradition, it MUST be written in kanji. If you don't know any, just go to Google translate.)
Herbs, essential oils or magic waters(Optional. To rub on paper and increase magical powers)
Name of deity you choose to help fulfill the ofuda's purpose
A reason to make it
First, you will need to cut the paper to the desired size and shape. Usually, ofuda are in the shape of a rectangle standing upright, but they could also be circular, triangular, or square. If you chose to use oil or water or herbs, apply them to the back of the paper and let dry over night. When dry, you will need to write the name of your chosen deity on the top of the slip of paper. Make their name the largest character on the page. In the middle, write your incantation or prayer. I usually like to outline the center characters with a sort of a box-like shape. You may choose to write on the outer sides or edges other small, short prayers to your deity. (This is also optional.)
You may also choose to write down any sigils or symbols to further specify the ofuda's purpose.
Now that the ofuda has been made, I would recommend letting it sit out on your altar for a few days or sit it out in the sun or moonlight, to collect more power.
To enchant it, light some of your favorite incense and candles, meditate on your purpose for the ofuda, try to get in contact with your deity, pass it through the incense and flame a few times, and channel your energy into the paper.
And there you go! Now you have your very own talisman, just like in the animes! You may now take the ofuda and attach it to a doorway, a wall or ceiling, lay it on your altar, keep it with you wherever you go, or whatever! Make sure to give thanks to the talisman and deity whenever you can, and when a year has past, or your purpose has been fulfilled, you must born it and release it in fire, or choose to renew it, of course.
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Re: Ofuda
Post # 2
Thank you sharing!

I like try Ofuda, very interesting!
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Re: Ofuda
Post # 3
I no able find Kanji on Google translate.
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Re: Ofuda
Post # 4
Lover17, try clicking on the chinese setting. (Traditional or non traditional, it doesn't matter.) Kanji is just chinese writing, after all.
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Re: Ofuda
Post # 5
oh. thank you very much! :]
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Re: Ofuda
By: / Novice
Post # 6
marked as a favorite, thank you very much SillyBilly

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Re: Ofuda
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Yep, I'm bringing this long dead post back for clarification. By Shinto practice, an ofuda must be received from a shrine in which a Kami is enshrined. You cannot make your own. An ofuda is not just a paper talisman to carry with you or place anywhere you like. It is either hung/displayed in the home for prosperity, luck and protection, or is placed inside of a kamidana to enshrine it within your own home. An omamori, on the other hand, is more like an ofuda charm you carry around with you.

These talismans are meant to be replaced yearly and brought back to the shrine during Hatsumode, the first shrine visit of the new year, which is followed by a ceremony in January to burn and purify ofuda and charms of Kami and release their Ki.

The creation of an ofuda is done by priests with specific rituals. Usually the name of the Kami and shrine it was created at, or a representative of the Kami are written on the ofuda and not just whatever sigil and such you like. Sure you can still do that, but it will not be an ofuda, but just another paper charm of your creation.
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