Energy Ball? How do I get

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Energy Ball? How do I get
Post # 1
I know what an Energy Ball is. But how do I create one?
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Re: Energy Ball? How do I get
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
one of the first things is to ground yourself. Doesn't have to be a full ground, just a quick centering of yourself.

As you breathe in, curl your hand, or hands, if you want to use both, into a fist. As you breathe out, expand your fingers into a cupped claw, and imagine your energy, ki, whatever you want to call it, form the ball the palm of your hand. You might have to do this breathe in/out phase multiple times at first. That's okay. Just imagine on the second breathe in and beyond that the energy in the ball is retracting back into you.

Once you have a ball, you can maintain with simply holding your hand in that gripping formation, which may start to strain your hand, and breathing normally.

The ball will be small at first, and may even blink in and out of existence. But, with practice, it'll get bigger, and brighter, and stay longer.

You can mix spells with this ball, such as healing, and send the ball to where it needs to go. Throwing it is what I usually do.

Others might have other methods, but this is the one I use, and it works just fine.
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Re: Energy Ball? How do I get
Post # 3

Try looking around there are lots of things you may find Google is your friend after all.
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Re: Energy Ball? How do I get
Post # 4
try energy excercises first, i usually sit upright in a chair, hold my hands 12 inches apart, then slow bring them in to 6 inches apart, then separate them back to 12 inches, then repeat it going back in to 3 inches apart the back out to 6 inches apart, then back in to 1 inch apart then out to 3 inches apart then back in to one inch...moving slowly...if done correctly you should feel a magnetic reaction pushing your hands apart as u go in....that feeling is your energy. after that try taking one of your hands and moving across your forearm at one inch above your should some kind of heat...after u learn that good enough you can work on your energy ball.....
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