smudging and insence

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smudging and insence
Post # 1
i know that smudging with a sage thing is good for spiritual cleansing.
i know you should carry a bowl or something with you while smudging.
i am a fire sign and also fire makes me nervous.
for a lot of reasons i will not elaborate.
the herb company i use carries white sage, and when the crumbles and powder is left from the whole pieces they sell the latter at a sale cost.
i bought some, and dust it around and also use as incense in a burner.
i feel safer that way.
does anyone have thoughts on its effectiveness especially with regard to dusting and powder spreading of white sage?
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Re: smudging and insence
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I don't know anything about the dusting or powder spreading but here is some information I found I hope it is helpful to you
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Re: smudging and insence
Post # 3

I've never personally used white sage powder for cleansing, I've always stuck to the more traditional way: the dried sage bundle. The smoke purfies well, and it does an excellent job of cleansing me and the space around me, as well as protects.

You don't have to carry a bowl around you while you burn sage, but it could be recommended unless you want ashes all over your floor, or the area that you're cleansing.

If you feel safer with what you're currently doing with the sage dust, then by all means, keep doing so. It just depends on what you want to do and what makes you feel safe.

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Re: smudging and insence
Post # 4
When it comes to smudging I have a few ways of cleansing the area

A sage wand
The burning of the sage wand releases it's cleansing properties into the area you are wanting to cleanse by the way.
A wash
I make a simple wash with sage oil, salt and water fresh rain water if possible, (cleansing herbs like hyssop and eucalyptus can also be added)
The wash I use because water and earth absorb energy so when you are washing and cleansing your area the water will hold your intent as will the objects you wash with it.
Sage Incense
I do this if I have no sage but I find it does the same thing.
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