"Spell Hangover" - Help?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> "Spell Hangover" - Help?

"Spell Hangover" - Help?
Post # 1
Hey, I'm fairly new to witchcraft and I realized that when I cast I spell I feel really energized (not as in electric, but a calm energy), I heard that this is normal and it's honestly a great feeling. However, the following day I feel absolutely exhausted, I performed a spell last night, enjoying the supermoon opportunity and everything, and pretty much had to rest all day today.
I wanted to know whether or not this is normal and if there is anything I can do to recover faster.
Thank you and blessed be.
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It sounds like you may be using too much of your own personal energy.Try absorbing energy from deities or nature.The supermoon would have been a great time to store some energy.
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

The problem to me sounds as though you are not properly grounding before and after doing magic. If you are simply using your own energy to power your magical working and not replenishing that energy at the end of the working it is going to leave you in a state just as you described.

Grounding permits you to connect to the energy held within the Earth itself and to draw up that energy through you to power your magical work rather than using your personal energy. When you are finished with your working you may find that you have an excess of energy and this can be sent back into the Earth through your grounding connection.

Likewise if you are feeling a bit drained from a magical working you can use that same grounding connection to draw up a bit of extra energy into yourself once you have stopped sending out energy in your spellwork.

Here's a link to something I wrote on grounding and Centering that you might find useful. Just be sure to take out the extra space to get the link to work:

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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
you need to ground yourself after casting magick
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
Post # 5
What it also sounds like is the problem of your body not being used to casting that particular spell. It can have a negative effect on the casters body sort of like drainage of your energy but it improves over time with each use of weaker levels of spells and then gradually move up to the next level of the spells path. It also teaches your body to relax when casting giving you the chance to make more use from it.
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
Post # 6
thanks for the answers!
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
Post # 7
i tried reading cards for friends for awhile.
pne friend was so impressed that she wanted to set up a booth for me so "we" could make money for my readings.
while extra money for "us" sounded good, i had to tell her that my energy was exhausted after each reading for one person, and i doubted i could even do two in one day.
also when doing healing candles i would become exhausted after the first day.
i was advised by a friend who knows and i trust, to put my name at the top of a candle designed for multiple people to heal.
it worked ok, but still tired.
so i was then told that when doing healing work, i may have to put a separate candle for my self and whoever else the energy deficit might involve.
that works better. even put my candle in a separate room.
so, i know how energy work can drain you.
in addition to grounding after a spell, you may want to do an energy protection bath for yourself before and after a spell of that magnitude.
also, ask the powers or deities to allow only the desired or enough energy into the spell so that you do not overdo it.
that is a very amusingly good analogy about hangover.
when using alcoholic beverages, presumably the more you drink the worse the hangover i guess.
so you might want to investigate exactly what is needed for the spell and use precautions not to overdo. sometimes more is better, and sometimes not.
some people think that the dose of two aspirins is good, then three is better. with aspirin, three does nothing except waste an aspirin. so it sounds like you are capable of a lot of power raising and that is good for spells.
not so good if you use more than is needed.
so, again i say you might so a self spell before or light a perpetual candle for yourself in the name of energy use for spells.
bathe for the spell and after.
could work for you.
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
Post # 8
Something else you could do is store energy into something that could hold it i find clear quartz does this well. Don't just shove it in and expect it to stay. Balance out the energy so that it makes itself similar to the stones energy but still only slightly different.
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Re: "Spell Hangover" - Help?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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