Help me choose a spell

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Help me choose a spell
Post # 1
Hi just got a quick question. Lately I had been getting step throat couple times. Got the illness 3x in a row although it was treated with antibiotic each time. If u ever had strep u know it's not your average illness. It's hell. So I was looking for spell suggestions that would help prevent me from every getting it again...should I do a banishing spell or protection spell. Should I use fire magic, earth,air, or what? Im kind of new do please bear with me.
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Re: Help me choose a spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Try writing your own basic Health Spell.You can use any element in your workings.Although,Earth or Fire may be the best options.
You can incorporate herbs,gems,or incense that represent health.Maybe make a charm to ward off illness.Its your spell,do what works for you.
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Re: Help me choose a spell
Post # 3
Well first of you should try to stay healthy without magic and consolt your doctor on how to prevent this. Second if you insist on using magic you should create your own spell that will help you the most.
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Re: Help me choose a spell
Post # 4
Did you finish your course of anti-biotics? It's a sure way to get infected again if you don't finish all your prescribed medications even if you feel well. Also it's very important to do so because not finishing the course can lead to the microbes developing a form of immunity to the medication. Personally I think this is your problem but if you did finish your course then look into staying healthy of course, also I would recommend healing spells instead of protection but you could always combine the two.
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Re: Help me choose a spell
Post # 5
Cleansing your chakra's is a great way to feel more healthy for throat issues the throat chakra is what you would really want open and clean. It's not a cure all but it will help to a degree.
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