restore an objects power

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restore an objects power
Post # 1
hey guys have a question, a magickal artifact was given to me for my 20th birthday by my first love and it used to have power but last year i think a witch may have taken its power.

how do I restore the original power of the object? is there any way to do this without knowing the spell originally used?

it is a small antique mirror.

anyone know any gods/goddess that could help with this type of thing if i petition them?

thank you.
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Re: restore an objects power
Post # 2
Why do you think a witch took your mirror's power? Has someone told you? Back to your question, if the mirror has lost it's power, leave it out somewhere where the moon can shine down on it and leave it over night (I use this method to charge any rock with moon energy, so I hope it has the same affect on the mirror). A mirror can be linked to many things in many cultures, so there will be a number of gods that you can call to help recharge it as well. Mirrors can especially act as doorways for spirits to come forth or be banished, so spirit contact can bring the mirror energy through this itself. I hope I was able to help you.
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Re: restore an objects power
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: restore an objects power
Post # 4
thank you yeah these are the things i was already considering, but i wanted a second opinion. i can feel energies and it felt tainted after i lived with this girl. i know she was a witch dont know how powerful but she definitely had some magick for sure. its okay, karma must have gotten to her because she is very sick and dying now. (not that i wished that upon her, but when you mess with people and/or magickal items you have no business messing with....things happen)

ive had bad things happen to people unintentionally when i allowed them to touch my magickal items. now i have learned not to let anyone near my stuff.

thanks, i will try this and post how it goes come next full moon (i was dragged to a concert the other night or i would have done it then)
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