Specific Job Spell

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Specific Job Spell
Post # 1
I am trying to get a specific job in a specific city to get back with family. I don't need just any job. Can anyone suggest a spell so that I can get the job I want at the company I want? Thanks
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Re: Specific Job Spell
Post # 2
Not trying to break your hope hear, but it will be extremely hard to get the exact position or job you want with a spell. It's easier if you try to get the job naturally rather than making a spell to get it, Unless you have tried that and you want one to help you along.

Anyways try making a spell that will bring you a job for lots of money, or just pray to the gods. Hope this helps
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Re: Specific Job Spell
Post # 3
the easiest way to go about this is cosmic ordering. Write a letter to the universe explaining exactly what you want. Put it in an envelope and hide it until you are granted what you want. Remember to include it to happen by a certain date if you need that. This can be used for anything. It works everytime good luck.
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Re: Specific Job Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
if you have applied for this job it would be easier. it would also help if you have an interview set up. if you just want that job but there isn't an opening, or you haven't applied, it would make it harder.

maybe a honey jar spell for a job with a picture of the city and the company logo, or a detail description of what you want. this would attract the job or similar but don't expect the C.E.O. to knock on the door. i would wait until an opening or even a call back to cast. you could also try whats known as the 'witches handshake' when you shake the persons hand, use your power hand [writing hand] and place your finger on their pulse [or close enough to it] and think strongly 'hire me'. its suppose to be an old spell used to implant an idea in the persons mind. i used it once in an interview and i got hired [though i think i dazzled them with my brilliance.] worth a shot anyway. good luck to you.
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