Cascarilla Help?

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Cascarilla Help?
Post # 1
So I was doing some reading on Cascarilla and I want to use it as a dust to dust myself to protect me from psychic attacks.
The thing is that I'm a psychic vampire and Cascarilla defends against that, what will it do to me/my vampirism?
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Re: Cascarilla Help?
Post # 2
wow you really thought you could be a vampire of a type and not get fed off of your self but anyways it will most likely not affect your vampirism abilities couldnt say honestly because i am no vampire but one that actually gives but only to those that need and not want my energy like psychic vampires
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Re: Cascarilla Help?
Post # 3
i have a mixture i use for dusting, sprinkling, self and ouse.
i buy white sage powder. you can get the leaves and powder it yourself. or use green sage.
i get a little paper cup cascirilla at the occult store. or try my best to powder my own eggshells (they are not easy to powder fine and if you know how please do tell). so i use a couple pinches of yellow natural sulphur. just a tad because sulphur can irritate the skin.
and whatever other herb you feel comfortable with.
powder them together and put into your favorite pepper shaker.
i say pepper because i find salt shakers deliver too much powder. pepper shakers a little less.
in that way, i find you get optimal use of the cascarilla or eggshells
oh, powdered dill and cloves powdered are good for intent and fragrance to the mix.
i first became interested in cascarilla when in the occult shop, another customer said that santeria practitioners dust the bottom of their feet after finishing seances.
santeria is no joke, and if i believe what that customer said, cascarilla and the other acceptable herbs may work well. for you
it is my own design, and i have no complaints.
but i like to mix things up a bit.
you may like pure ingredients.
whatever you do good luck.
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