Can anyone give me advice

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Forums -> General Info -> Can anyone give me advice

Can anyone give me advice
Post # 1
On how to do this? I've read many places that spells are written for the creater so I dont understand why there are spells are available for anyone on here. Of course I'm not sure what i'm doing so that could be why lol
If you have any advice or anything please let me know:)

Also, if you could recommend a good place to start with all of this that would be great too!
Thank you

Love and Light
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Re: Can anyone give me advice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Spells are often written for the creator. They are created to attain what the creator is looking for. Now, after a spell is created the person may choose to share the spell with others who may also be looking for a similar thing.

It is not uncommon to share spells among practitioners. It is also not uncommon to keep some spells secret and share other spells. This is how the craft has been handed down over the years.
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Re: Can anyone give me advice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Spells can be changed so anyone pretty much can use them.

Here is a list of the Basics

The basics Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, Circle Casting, Charkas

This link is for the Basics
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Re: Can anyone give me advice
Post # 4
Here is my take on this. I think for a spell to be most effective, they should be written by the caster. I'm in the school of thought that magic should be taken very seriously and that much study should be done before attempting magick. Like a previous replier stated, there are basics that should be mastered/gathered before attempting spell work. Meditation is extremely important, as is visualization. I would recommend starting to meditate every day and especially prior to doing rituals of spells. Tools such as an athame, besom, chalice, cauldron, wand, etc are great for directing and focusing energy but all of that is actually originated from you, so technically you don't need anything but yourself.
So, if spells are a very personal thing, why share them on here? It's a great question. I like to see much spell sharing, especially many on this site as helpful guidelines to help formulate your own spell. Keep in mind that many of the spells on this site are fluff, and have nothing to do with real magick. Use discretion and common sense for what your trying to obtain. For example a spell that lets you grow wings is bogus, and probably written by an imaginative youth who is caught up in the Hollywood version of magic and witchcraft.
I would recommend reading a bunch of the articles, and forming a spell with information gained. Study the meaning of colors, the power of herbs, the elements, scents, oils, incense, etc and look at the symbology behind all of that. Choose things that are in alignment with your desired outcome. Write some poetry so you can get the right words to say for your spell. Meditate on your outcome. By all means use some of the spells as guidelines or inspiration, but I would highly recommend tweaking them for your path. I hope this helped!
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Re: Can anyone give me advice
Post # 5
i believe that if you are very new to spells, and youve researched what you want to accomplish and you have also researches the sorce of the spell, i.e....
where orwho it came from, then i would say for the sake of correctness and discipline, start simple and find a spell that is designed pretty much for your intent.
then follow the spell as closely to the way it is written as possible.
put your intent into it.
if there is any part of the spell where you can use your creativity, meaning there is leeway, such as the color of the candle not specified, or you can choose a flower of your own liking, or you can do for 1,3,5 days, then go ahead with your own imagination.
i think that spells that have been known to work are a good place to start.
then when some already written spells have achieved desired results, or not, and your self assurance has been built by practice, and good outcome, then begin tailoring other peoples spells to your liking. when you succeed tweeking other peoples spells, then move onto creating your spells from scratch.
kind of like recipes.
learn from the experts or from those who practice some time, then tweek theirs, then use theirs as a baseline or guide for your own. then while you are doing all of this continue with research as to what you like that you can put together for yourself that will make it your own.
just the way i look at it.
good luck.
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