any holy paths

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any holy paths
Post # 1
Im a catholic wiccan and really dont wanna change my religion and I don't wanna join the church is there anything such as a holy witch?I new so if im wrong sowwy for wasting your time
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Re: any holy paths
Post # 2
I know how it feels, not wanting to leave a religion you've grown up with, and trying to incorporate it to another. A holy witch, I've never heard of, and I have heard of christian wicca, but not catholic wicca. Try looking into these catagories, as they bring together catholic practices with magickal and/or pagan practices:
Folk Catholicism
Hermeticism (I think)
Many places practice magic, while following a religion that bans it (I see many people do it in Mexico), but it's natural for us humans to meld different things to solve our needs. I am personally experienced in some folk catholic magick and beliefs, so if you have questions on this type of stuff, let me know. May you find what you seek.
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Re: any holy paths
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
You cannot be a Catholic Wiccan, they are two opposing religions.
But you can be a Catholic witch!
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Re: any holy paths
Post # 4
Hey thanks this actually helped btw I always thought wicca was the way to go but I guess I could be a witch
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Re: any holy paths
Post # 5
Despite the clams of people on this website, actual Wicca and christianity cannot mix- the core beliefs are incompatible.

But, some people have labelled, erroneously, what they practice as Wicca.

My opinion is, why label what you want to do?

Just practice what you wish to practice, you can pick up a basic book on magick, which is not necessarily a part of witchcraft, and adapt it to your own personal needs.

Witchcraft is the study of nature and natural processes. If you want the magick brand, you just take the deities name in any text book or spell you wish to practice and you use Jesus, lord, whatever. It matters not.

In my line of practice I use the Jewish god-names all the time, I am not Jewish, nor do I worship that God. I am merely calling on the principles he represents and attuning my mind to those principles.

Jesus is a solar deity, there are loads of catholic saints which can, and often are, used as substitutes for pagan gods and goddesses.
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