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Forums -> Misc Topics -> covenant

Post # 1
I am interested in finally devoting myself to a covenant. But I have no clue how or who to join, so any suggestions please
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Re: covenant
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Do you mean covenant or coven? They are not the same thing. A covenant is a "pact", a coven is a meeting of witches.
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Re: covenant
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Also [adding to the above questions] online or offline? For online look at the list of covens available to join, read their descriptions, maybe message a leader if you have further questions. Once you found one click the join coven button. Some might ask for an application to be sent in [so read the profile of the coven, don't skim it] if you go with spell casters, just hit join and you're in.

Offline can be trickier, you need to find one in your area, talk to the leader, set up a meeting, have a type of interview, then their coven will choose. Some might let anyone join. [I know of several open teaching covens near me which are attached to occult shops]
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Re: covenant
Post # 4
I want to add to the question here.
Are the leaders there in covens or here on line because of their experience and teaching altitudes, or whay are they the leaders perse?
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Re: covenant
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Patrah, why is the sky blue or the grass green? You will receive many answers. Only you can decide what the truth is. The Hierarchy of a coven depends on what type of path it is. Wiccan, Pagan, Norse and so on. From your other post I am guessing YOU are asking about Dragon Majick. My suggestion is to Google as much information on different sites and maked the decision for yourself.
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Re: covenant
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Unsure what you're asking Patrah, online its a couple ways. Originally anyone could start a coven, now you can't. To apply for a dead covens leadership Pet needs to see your knowledge and activity throughout the site. How I became a leader of Divine Essence was the priest saw my posts and we were friends. He asked. I spoke with Starrie [the old priestess] and they decided to let me lead. So online its knowledge but also who you know. Looking at the leaders rank if you don't want to talk to them could help you get a feel for their skill level.

Offline its a bit more structured. Each coven is run different, but if its a large coven with a priest, priestess, and council, they were all appointed to that for their knowledge and years of study.

For many SoM users online covens are probably the only coven they will ever know, so it does work, but things like circles and rituals won't have the same effect. The online covens are run like teaching covens. The leaders are there to keep things in order.
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Re: covenant
Post # 7
just a thought.
since someone else had coven questions, it seemed a good time to ask about coven leaders, teachers etc.
not just about the dragon magic, but about covens in general.
i have often thought of joining a coven for the learning experience and for the idea that there might be more power within a coven than solitary.
and since i know little about covens, i just put my question here.
thank you for the attempts to answer.
it was just an effort to find out another facet of covens perse, so that at some point i can decide on one.
just a basic question which i thought could be answered more simply.
i will get the question right and re pose it for more clarity.
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Re: covenant
Post # 8
see my question would be more like what are the different weather patterns causing different hues of blue, and yes why is grass green?
there are many answers. some more correct and some more speculative.
i justt thought that leaders in any given group are there for a practical reason.
to somehow benefit the followers.
i may be missing the point here.
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Re: covenant
Post # 9
so Necoshema,
you lead a coven based on who and how much you know.
good start for me.
so as a leader of that coven, what is your purpose there.
in what way do you benefit the others in that coven, as to why they are there?
i know how come you are there.
i want to know for instance, why would i hypothetically be there or in a comparable coven and what would my interactive relationship with you consist of?
would it be much the same as a site moderator or administrator with members here?
would there be group spell work for more powerful results?
what purpose to the various people who make up a coven serve within it?
ok, i am going to get my question more concise, so as to clarify for you, because it sounds like you have an idea of what i want answered, and if i get the question right, i might get a good answer.
you have answered part which spurned me to ask mor.e.
i tend to get wordy.
stopping here.
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Re: covenant
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
It is doubtful that Desolation can join an off-line coven. Most covens do not take anyone under the age of 18. Desolation is only 17.
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