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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Annoint for money

Annoint for money
Post # 1
I have obtained a spell for money attraction.
Part of it requires annointing three coins with bergamot oil.
I have anointed things in the past.
I have been rethinking many magickal acts which I am either interested in or have done before, In the effort to manifest better results for myself.
Usually I just rub the coin or object in whichever suits me at the moment.
This has not worked as well as I would like.
I am wondering if anyone here has a way or knows of another more ritual or definitive way to annoint coins which will help me to perhaps attain greater results.
I know the act of annointing in an of itself might not be thought to do this.
I am however interested to know which ways others here feel have helped them in their own thinking on this topic.
Thank you for any helpful hints.
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Re: Annoint for money
Post # 2
Please I want to get moving with annointing the coins for the spell.
Does someone know a good way to annoint objects, in this case coins?
I know this is just a small part of a total spell, and I am sure though that a better way is possible..
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Re: Annoint for money
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Your intention and/or focus might not be true. All your thought and thinking should be going as you do the anointing. Just rubbing oil is not enough if the mind is somewhere else. Just a thought...
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Re: Annoint for money
Post # 4
I know what is on my mind.
I know what I want to achieve.
What I am asking here I might not be clear on.
Should I rub on the oil in a certain direction, like clockwise for attracting money?
Should I make a cross or rub the oil back and forth?
The coins in this case are very small, but I want to try another way to annoint.
This mind you is only part of the spell.
A part which I feel I can do creatively as the specifics of how to annoint are not mentioned in the spell.
Otherwise, I plan to follow the guidelines of the spell as close to ver Bateman as possible as I trust the source, and this will be the first time with this particular spell.
I would ask the source, but am not in position to at this point.
I am looking for techniques which I can learn from.
I am pretty sure the mindset is correct as I know what I need and want and I will focus on that while doing the spell.
I want to know if anyone here has a particular fashion in which to annoint items such as in this case coins?
Thank you for your input though.
If you have a technique you know about annointing specifically, please feel free to share that with me as well.
I will keep in mind what you said that I should focus more on my intent and not aimlessly go about a spell without thinking about what I am doing. Noted.
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Re: Annoint for money
Post # 5
Word was verbatim
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Re: Annoint for money
Post # 6
I got the advice and suggestions I was looking for from a couple of friends who knew what I was looking for.
Thank you all anyway.
I am still open to more suggestions if someone has something they can give.
But I think I found what I want.
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