Spirits talking, risky?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spirits talking, risky?

Spirits talking, risky?
Post # 1
I looked up place for spiritual energy and a site talked about spirits can be found every night at the same place. Is it risky trying to talk to these spirits. I read some or shy and others are evil. I was in Oregon and bored. Some of the places I wanted go and try to talk with them but did not know what kind of risk it will be. Site also talked about law enforcement keep on eye out and will stop anyone trying to talk the spirits. I would like to help some if I can and the evil others, ask hard questions knowing they might lie. I have seem spirits in my home and they have help me out in choices about other people. I am also curios why the spirits show up at the same area every night. I want to do talk to them but not sure what to do. Any help or advice
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Re: Spirits talking, risky?
Post # 2
It's just as risky as talking to people you can see. They all have different personalities. Some are nice, some are not so nice. Some aren't "bad", but will still trick you for the fun of it. As for them coming back at the same place and probably same time, they might be attracted to something there.
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Re: Spirits talking, risky?
Post # 3

The law enforcement probably aren't trying to stop you from contacting spirits. They're probably there to keep you off private property and/or to keep you safe. If the place is protected by law, avoid it.

There are a couple of theories as to why spirits will appear at the same time and place. One of them is that the haunting is residual. In other words, it's an imprint of energy but has no sentience or conscience like a video tape rewinding and playing back. Alternatively, the time and place could be significant to the spirit. (You should also consider that the website is lying. While Google knows everything, it can't filter truth from fiction and I have had personal experiences with a paranormal website posting stories about places where I work/volunteer that I know to be inaccurate at best, lies at worst).

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Re: Spirits talking, risky?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Well, talking to spirits is pretty much just as risky as talking to living people. Every spirit has a different personality like the living do. Some spirits are kind and helpful, while others have more selfish, harmful thoughts in mind. Spirits, also like the living, can lie to. They can say that they're kind people or whatever they want to make you trust them so they can get what they're after.
Basically, take the same precautions you would with a living stranger you'd meet. Don't invite them home, don't tell them everything about yourself, don't trust everything they say, etc. Get to know them first, trust your gut and feelings on what they tell you. After a while, you'll start to realize what kind of person the spirit actually is.
As for law enforcement, I don't think they would really do anything to keep you from talking to spirits, unless you're doing something against the law, like breaking and entering, trespassing, etc.
As for what spirits would show up at the same area, well some spirits kind of have "homes" or "hang outs" if you wanna call them that. They're usually places the spirit spent a lot of time in while they were alive and still enjoy being there no matter how many years have past.

Though, I do think I should tell you since you found out about this on a site it could be some sort of scam to get money or something, so just be aware of that just in case.
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Re: Spirits talking, risky?
Post # 5
This is the site I found. That is why I am asking here. I get some whisper to me but not sure how to walk up on a spirit that I can see without making it mad if I say the wrong thing.
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Re: Spirits talking, risky?
Post # 6
Seriously, it is just like people have been saying. Talk to it! Yes, you risk pissing it off, you do that any time you talk to people/beings.
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