Vision i had

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Vision i had
Post # 1
Today while i was meditating i was just normally doing what i do when meditating. But afer about five minutes i got this random vision, my thoughts went completely blank for around five seconds and then all of the sudden i saw myself meditating at the same time. And people (deities?) were standing all around me near my bed they were all dressed in black and i could feel something radiating of off them and into me, it felt as if they were actually there! And then everything dissapeared for five seconds again and then i opened my eyes and no one was there. I don't know what this was or why it happened. I need answers
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Re: Vision i had
Post # 2
could be you were seeing a sign of your future, like people you might find or you will end up the same as them,
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Re: Vision i had
Post # 3
If they are deities or spirits looking to contact you try meditating again and see if they come back to you, let yourself be open to them, but of course do make sure you're safe and protected just incase.
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Re: Vision i had
By: / Novice
Post # 4
My guess is that while meditating you had an accidental astral projection, which led to an out of body experience. It happens sometimes. What you need to consider is how you felt during and after you saw the entities surrounding you. What kind of energy did they emit towards you. Did you feel at peace? Did you feel power? Did you feel energized? Did you feel drained? Did you feel terrorized? Remember the difference between feeling terror or feeling panicky and fearful because you don't fully understand what's happening. Once you assess how you feel, you will know which direction to take.

Also as many have suggested, find a way to shield yourself at all times. Use a charm, a crystal, a picture of something you believe will protect you. No you are not under attack. But you seem to have opened yourself up. And this is a good thing. But with the good also comes the bad. No harm in being careful.
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