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Wicca Black Magick
Post # 1
I know as a Wiccan, it is very important to follow the Wiccan Rede. However, if there a Wiccan was in a situation of defense, and (knowing the consequences and the three-fold law) cast a hex upon a purpose, would that witch not be considered a Wiccan anymore? Also, this would have to be a serious reason and defense for the witch to cast this hex. Thoughts?
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Re: Wicca Black Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2
no, they would still be a Wiccan. everyone interprets the Rede differently. some [myself included] would agree with a curse being cast out of self defense. however, what they would consider curse-able, is up to the individual [personally, if someone cursed me, i would send it right back with an extra something to say 'back off'] things like 'you cheated' or 'you took the last cookie' is best left for the universe to sort out.

if someone went around cursing everyone for every little thing, then the person wouldn't be considered Wiccan by their peers, but they could still call themselves Wiccan. you can't stop someone from calling themself something. some people view 'harm none' to mean become vegetarian - or vegan - and a 'true Wiccan' would never eat meat.
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Re: Wicca Black Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I don't believe they wouldn't be a Wiccan anymore. Yes, hexes and magick of that nature isn't healthy or a positive thing to do - its better to use spells to protect yourself and let the Goddess handle the other person's bad doings then take matters into your own hands. But every situation is different I suppose and everyone's personal views on the rede and the three-fold law and black magick are different.
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Re: Wicca Black Magick
Post # 4
If using magic for self defense, a binding spell will be more appropriate if you're Wiccan. Binding spells have little to no karmic backfire if your target is hurting you and others. A curse, however, would hit both you and the target, as you are sending negative energy towards the person. It doesn't make you less of a Wiccan putting a curse or hex on someone for self defense, just remember that the Rule of Three will take place. I have only had one person who didn't know the limits between a joke a general bullying, and his friends would suffer a lot because of it, but instead of cursing or hexing, I used binding to keep him from causing anymore harm.
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