physics and spells

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physics and spells
Post # 1
I am starting out and for the most art have been utterly hopeless as far as achieving any goal in the steps of the lost art of spell casting. What I need to know is, if we are all limited by the physical world and all physical ties, how can we achieve any thing deemed magical? What kind of spells have people tried and actually saw legitimate results?
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Re: physics and spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Spell casting is by far not a lost art and you're thinking of magick in a physical manner when it is not. You have to be aware of subtle (non-physical) or spiritual energy and realize that consciousness helps alter that energy, which influences our world. Thing is, there are a lot of different consciousnesses, so spell casting is something that contributes to directing a flow rather than creating a dam or new river.

What you're lacking here is a cosmological model to help you understand how spells work and this is different for everyone. You may find it beneficial to look at it less from a magickal stance and more from a spiritual stance (again, this is your decision).

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Re: physics and spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Eissy is quite correct.A spell is much more spiritual than physical. Aspell is a "ritual wish",like a prayer.The difference is that a prayer is asking for help from a highre authority.A spell is a do-it-yourself operation.Personally, I don't cast spells,but from what I understand the main changes from a spell are very often in the person casting the spell.
Perhaps you are thinking too much of a spell being "magic".That's not strictly true. You have to sincerely believe in a spell,magic can be demonstrated.It is all around you in nature.Physical magic is changing one thing for another. For instance, if you keep some seeds in a jar or box,nothing will happen. But if you add good soil,water, and sunshine,the magic happens!
Not all witches,not even all Wiccans, cast spells.But they may still have their beliefs in the spiritual side.
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