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PLR Story
Post # 1
Before I tell you guys what happened, I want you to know some background info about me. I have always been able to feel a flowing energy inside of me, like I can feel it move through my veins. I can command it to move faster or slower, to speed up infinitely or come to a stand-still.It just feels like I was born with some power that I don't think is normal. Ever since I was little, I remember saying something I recently found the meaning of. "Gli estremi si toccano" This is Italian for extremes meet. (I am half Italian) This phrase comes in my dreams to me, as a thought almost every night. I also have found on my father's side, after years of searching our family tree, our name switches from Solomon to Sollman. Solomon becomes Sollman when the family moves from ______ to Germany. That's where the blank is. I stumbled across a story of Solomon's Temple. I feel this connection to King Solomon. I mean, the mention of his name conjures this feeling inside of me that I can't describe. It's as if I know him personally. Anyways, I was attempting a past life regression, and wanted to share what happened, because it is convincing me ever further that I am directly related to King Solomon. I need someone to tell me it is a possibility so I don't feel crazy as every inch of my body believes this is the truth.

I was laying down, and as I got up I was covered in gold and red satin robes and what seemed to be priceless jewelry. I was in what seemed to be middle-eastern area, and was in a palace- a temple of some sort. I was sluggish feeling, but walked out into this grand area, with a "throne" like seat. I saw a well groomed man arguing with another who seemed, well, dangerous and powerful is the only way I can describe it. It was like there was a shroud of darkness that was clouding him. I hid behind a pillar and watched. I can't recall what the argument was about, the mysterious man turned his head towards me and had a look as if he had made up his mind. He turned back to the other man and drove a blade down through his collarbone and into him. I let out a scream and it suddenly felt like a piece of me had died. The other man looked back at me and mouthed something before he left. When I reached the man whom lay dying, he pulled out a gold chain and placed it in my hand before kissing my knuckles and closing his eyes. That's when people came into the room screaming, as if I had killed him, and that's where it becomes foggy and I woke up.

Here's the real slap in the face, I have seen that chain before. In a case in my great grandmother's house, along with other "heirlooms."

I want to clarify that this was not astral projecting or lucid dreaming. I had no choice over what happened or where I was going. It was like reliving a memory in your mind. When I woke up I was left with feelings of brokenness and longing. It was like that was my memory, and the pain was all coming back.

I want your guys' opinions on what you think of all of this. I want to try and communicate with Asmodeus as there are many stories of him being linked to Solomon. Something that feels like lust for vengeance has crept in my mind since.
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Re: PLR Story
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
To be fair, what you've described just... sounds like a dream. Dreams like this happen all the time; things we can't explain, in environments and situations we wouldn't normally be in. I really, honestly wouldn't hold too much weight towards it, otherwise you'd be trying to take things as evidence of your apparent relation to Solomon, where the example may not actually be evidence.

You're trying to do a past life regression in order to discover if you're related to Solomon, right? Aside from simply saying the name "Solomon" and feeling a bit odd, is there anything else that draws you to the character? Have you tried looking at your family tree for any sort of lineage?

In regards to your idea about Asmodeus (or Asmoday, as they're named in the Ars Goetia); really, any of the 72 demons of the Lemegeton should have some idea of who Solomon is, being his pillars and what not. (that is, if the legends are true, King Solomon existed, and the ideas about his 72 demons are true). Have you studied the Lesser or Greater Keys of Solomon by any chance?
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Re: PLR Story
Post # 3
I didn't do the plr with intent of seeing if there was relation to Solomon. That is just what happened to come out of it. And I know myself better than anyone, and fully believe that it wasn't just a dream. When I say "woke up" I wasn't completely asleep. I was fully aware, and could have gotten up and went to the fridge if I wanted. Anyways, I have briefly overlooked them previously. This whole thing was a recent theory.
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