Guidance and teacher?

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Guidance and teacher?
Post # 1
I have began to make meditation as regular as possible and have become quite familiar with visualizing myself tapping into the energy of the universe and the earth however I am struggling with energy balls.

After some research I heard these were very basic things to do for beginners. I have also journeyed into my subconscious through meditation and identified my spirit animal.

There are a wide range of sources on the internet for beginners and the introduction into magick however due to the sometimes ambiguity magick has regarding it I am struggling to find a place to start and determine a field of magic to study.

I am interested in herbal practices and have considered shamanism however shamanism is very sacred and the tribes are conservative with their teachings and often keep it sacred to their origins so it continues to be genuine. I have also considered spirit related magick and possibly dark magick however their are risks of dark spirits. I do enjoy using tarot cards.

I would like some guidance and possibly a teacher to help me pursue magick correctly.
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Re: Guidance and teacher?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Magic means very different things to many different people; and most have a religious aspect.I am a traditional,natural witch. I practise witchcraft, and there is nothing supernatural about witchcraft; no Gods or Goddesses. Find what appeals to you the most.
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Re: Guidance and teacher?
Post # 3
I have trouble accepting religion because I personally won't and don't see the appeal in worship of a God/Goddess.

Is there witchcraft without drawing energy from a God?
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Re: Guidance and teacher?
Post # 4
Witchcraft, and all magic in general, doesn't require any religion, or gods of any type. Witchcraft is energy work, where you get that energy will vary by belief. Whether you get it from the earth, or sky, or even yourself, the only requirement in magic is to believe in it's power.
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Re: Guidance and teacher?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Not quite,Sergio! Magic is all around you in nature.Magic is not only belief, it is sound knowledge.Knowledge of the healing power of plants,how the Earth works, how the Universe works,How Life itself works! As I have already written.There is nothing supernatural about witchcraft.
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