Spirit guides or not?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spirit guides or not?

Spirit guides or not?
Post # 1
A little while ago I was meditating in an attempt to contact my spirit guides. I used this method that had to do with energy colors and such. In the end, two different men showed up to me. An older looking, very gentle man and a tribal, almost bird oriented in his apperal (he had claw/talon like nails ect.) African man.
Anyway, I'm not sure if those were really my guides or just my imagination. Does anyone have any tips or certain ways they like to contact their guides that I could try? I'd really like to know because so far this was the only time I actually got ANYHING so I want to know if it was really them or not!
Thank you so much!
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Re: Spirit guides or not?
Post # 2
on how to contact your guide i have not a clue but those two men that showed up could either be part of your past life (if you believe in reincarnation) or related to you or just spirit guides sent to try and help you or were being attracted by the method you were using to contact your spirit guide in my experience i have only talked to my guardian angel and that was through hours of intense focus and purifying of my emotional and spiritual planes and im sorry to not be able to contribute more to as to who these two men were or what their purpose was and how to contact your spirit guide
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Re: Spirit guides or not?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I agree with the above comment.
They may be people from a past life, or they may be spirit guides. I say trying to talk with them as long as they don't feel harmful or threatening may be a good idea. Just always be careful with any kind of spirits, like living beings, spirits can lie if they want to and aren't always what they seem. Trust your feelings and the energy you notice. A circle of protection is also a good idea when contacting them starting out just to be sure.
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