Overcoming Fear

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Overcoming Fear
Post # 1
I am a beginner. I will admit I have read books and books. I know I have a great potential but I also have a great fear. Not fear of failure, but fear of success! Taking that jump over the threshold and into a world of no return. I have a naturally very dark mind and I fear that may draw dark responses. For example, every time I look into the mirror I feel the presence of this woman behind me. But in my minds eye, I see her as a frightening creature. She is there always, and I know in my heart that what she is is my fear personified, but I am scared to confront her to face that fear. She has been a lingering presence in my life now for about 2 years!
I know that anything one can laugh at cannot harm them in the realm of the spirit, but I still find myself hesitating.
Does anyone have advice on some small practices to slowly ween myself away from this, or any stories of overcoming something similar?
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Re: Overcoming Fear
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Try to learn Ki manipulation, use breathing exercises together with it (absorb the Ki around you) and whenever you feel the fear, do it and it will make it a litte easier. at least that's what i do, i try and maintain balance between fear and my energy.
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Re: Overcoming Fear
Post # 3
Fear is the Mind killer. A sentence I've seen several times here and other places.

Fear can be very useful. It is a primal tool to keep us alive, and it can also be a great source of energy. It can be more then a little useful if you can channel your fears into something productive.

Honestly, your best bet is to sit down in meditation and consider why this image frightens you, who this represents, and how to overcome it. She holds you back because you allow her to.

There isn't anything wrong with a mind that goes to dark places. There are people here, and elsewhere, that practice things that would be considered light or dark. It has no bearing on the nature of their soul, or their moral fibre. Perhaps the creature in the glass is how you fear yourself to become, that you are too powerful or that you will harm others?
Learning doesn't change who you are, only your choices can do that.
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