Necromancy where to start

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Necromancy where to start
Post # 1
does anyone know any easy necromancy spells (or can teach me something about necromancy)?
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Re: Necromancy where to start
Post # 2
I would probably start with summoning spirits. In order to summon spirits, one must first be fairly familiar with the spirit world. you can try spirit travel or dream walking to enhance your knowledge of the spirit world. When you invoke a spirit, you can only ask it to do things for you, and trying to force it can have very negative affects on both you and your reputation. When you summon spirits, you first want to set up a binding circle. I tend to either use eight stones with a keystone in the front, an anchor in the back, and a secondary on either side, and then fill each gap with enchanted glass stones (you don't always have to put in the glass stones, but I find that it is easier to make the connection if you do. You could also set up a pentagon with your keystone in the front, two anchors in the back and two other secondary's. just outside of the binding circle you will want to have a rather large candle. Take another grounding stone (anchor) and put it between the keystone and the candle. in front and on either side of the candle, place secondary's. Once you sit down in the binding circle, lite the candle, from this point forward you will not be able to leave the circle until the spell is over. I usually sit cross-legged, or in a butterfly position with my palms facing up on either side of me. it also helps sometimes if you hold secondary's, pendulums, or stones in either hand, but that is just a personal preference. Focus on your body, try to feel every part of it before you try to get into a meditative stare. I find that closing your eyes helps with this. Go into a fairly deep meditative state, but don't go so far down that you will not be able to open your eyes if you wanted to. Next you will want to find your spirit voice. I would try a few test fraises before your incantation. after you have found your spirit voice you will want to invoke the spirit with an incantation (which you may need to repeat several times in your spirit voice in order to be affective). you will need to write your incantation before you set up the spell. Once you can feel the presence of the spirit, you can open your eyes and begin to communicate with it. If you seeking a favor than a sacrifice of offer may be needed. this can either be done with blood, breath, or a burned offering. When you are finished, remove yourself from the meditative state (after the spirit has left as not to be impolite). blow out the candle first, then remove the keystone and secondary's (while still staying in the binding circle). remove the anchors last. tell me if it works for you, if it doesn't I will teach you a different way. it might take a few tries in order to make the connection. If you have more questions u can message me. good luck XD
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Re: Necromancy where to start
Post # 3
thanks I will try that but there?s a slight problem I live with my parents and they don?t believe in magic so it will be a little hard to do that without being interrupted (I will cast that spell when I?m living alone maybe I?ll try to buy a cemetery) and do you know any easy spells to steal life or energy (I might need those spells to protect myself a necromancer's life is a little dangerous)
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