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Post # 1
I tried unlocking my inner aura which turned out to be red...are auras typically one colour? what is some other information on them? Thanks and blessed be :)
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Re: Auras
Post # 2
Well generally we all have many aura colors within us; you may be detecting your primary color.
Blessed be!
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Re: Auras
Post # 3
Also, remember that you are defined by your secondary colors as much as your primary.
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Re: Auras
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Personally,I have never seen an aura.But I know many people who say that they can see the colours.And that the colours change with emotion.That anger,sadness,grief, etc.,all have different colours. People who claim to be able to see the colours certainly seem to be able to accurately judge a person's emotion.So there must be something in it!
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Re: Auras
Post # 5
hello. yes ,we have different colors of aura not just one! auras also show the health condition! forexample, a red aura over head,is not a good sign... maybe bcz of high blood pressure of brain! check them more from internet sources!
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Re: Auras
Post # 6
I'll make it short for you else you must research..
Auras are never of one colour only all the Auras are mixed like fog around you density and intensity of your aura deside how strong is it.. Colour of Aura is depending upon what Chakra and energy are most influencing you presently.. There are 7 layers of Aura.. And all colours are available in this pack each colour having sonera meaning so it's like a record data of your life what is happening to you.. what is the cause and what already has happened to you.. Aura colours change with times and emotions.. But not whole of it.. It changes with slight changes like you are doing something today so it will affect your aura a bit and you keep it doing for months so it will have large effect to you and so that large effect (colour) of Aura takes time to change as new habits arise or old habits are left.. and again their is a permanent aura which takes a very very large time to change It tells about the personality of your soul.. and that's it.. Now please head to Google as my information is partial :-)
Blessed Be
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Re: Auras
Post # 7
If I didn't mentioned what already an aura symbolize then here I go..
*Your past personality and what type of sufferings you had and record to your deeds
*Your present emotions
*Your surrounding and environment
*Your mental state
*Your physical state and what you are going through
*your Spiritual state
and so much more if you research.
Aura are affected greatly by our chakras.. Healthy chakras means healthy aura i.e Super strong defense and personality. etc
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