a promising beginning

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a promising beginning
Post # 1
I am new to this. But i believe it works. I have been reading and studying herbs and candles and history of different magics. I have read quite a few spells from this site. I want to post and tell my story.
I did a couple of things last week.... i improvised on a couple of spells and combined ideas that seemed to coincide with my intended result.
Background info. My bf of more than 10 years cheated on me and the chick got pregnant. This chick as been a thorn in my side since. We maintained,but she uses the child to play on his weakness. She causes so much greif because she wants him....but he wants me. Even her child didnt change that. He really wants to get his baby and bring her to me. But this chick has done so much that now she has lost the child to the state....(trife). But needless to say all of this has damaged our relationship. Yet we cant ssrm to be happy a poo apart.
He left a few weeks ago...we had an argument, i put him out...he went to her.
I decided to try somethings. I had eatd she was working roots on him, so i retaliated.
I created a honey/sugar jar. It included a pic of us, love incense,lavender,cinnamon sticks,rse petals,sweet love oil,my hair,his hair,a petition paper writen in red ink,a drop of blood, sugar, honey and cloves. I also added some of his skin from the foot scraper!!
I burned a red candle on it for 3days.
On the second day i saw him at a gas station.he was with her and he looked uncomfortable. I acted like i didnt see him.but i went and burned a candle again.
Two more days passed,and i saw him again. This time he was alone,but we only excbanged a glance.
I went home and lit a red candle that night.....before it burned halfway....he was knocking on the door,begging me to take him back!!!

It works!!
Ps. I also did a return to me spell,a protection spell,protected my home and i even did one to bind her!
I dont know which is doing what, but i got what i wanted!
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Re: a promising beginning
Post # 2
Well done keep working that jar or create a nations sack for yourself I'm sure you can google that or pm me for how to
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Re: a promising beginning
Post # 3
Thank you!(with a bashful bow ) i read a lil about the nations sack. I will pm you for instructions. I am still doing the jar. Everything with us has been very calm,quiet and peaceful.
After a while i would like to do a fertility spell. But i havent found one that i like, that i can do myself. He cant kno that i kno any of He really wants us to have a child together. We both have children (teens) but none together. He just had a child, so i feel like its me. Although dr's dont seem to have anyvreason or concern . But im going to work on us for how do u make that sack?.
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