Spell to get your money

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Spell to get your money
Post # 1
Hello. Does anyone know any spell (not one with complicate procedures if possible), that will ensure that my boss will pay me in time and not delay my payment? I work at a shop and I need to make sure that my boss will pay me in a specific time with no delays because I need the money as soon as possible and the specific boss tends to be a little sneaky sometimes and delay payments. I know talking to them is the first thing but sometimes talking isn't always working with people like that so I need something more. I know several job and money spells but I don't know any spell for this specific need. Any suggestions would be awesome :)
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Re: Spell to get your money
Post # 2
I suggest doing a wish spell :)

All you need is a candle, paper and pen/marker.

Light the candle. I suggest a light blue or white candle, but you can use any if you want.

Write the following on the paper:

your name
your date of birth
your wish
current date

I would suggest ripping a corner out of a notebook or something and use a paper that is an inch or two in length and width. That way when you burn it, it wont ruin the candle as much, if at all.

You will chant the following as much as you wish. (ten times, fifteen...doesnt matter) until you feel ready.

Focus on your energy and imagine the outcome.

'While many without faith may dismiss
I promise I will always believe in this wish
And in the things I am yet to learn
So grant me this wish I soulfully yearn'

when you feel ready, start folding the paper three times while saying the chant.

then, put the paper in the candle and let it burn and keep chanting.

stop chanting until you feel positive the wish will come true.

you can let the candle burn out, or blow it out when you want. either is fine.

this is not my spell, however I did tweaked it up a little bit (barely) and it works perfectly fine.

I used a purple candle (since at the time I didnt have a blue or white candle)

I suggest using a big candle.

It might get ruin. mine doesnt always.

Also, its best to charge the spell more before casting it.
To charge it, go to my profile,
click the history tab,
go to the spells I contributed to,
and click How to make a spell.

This will show you how to charge it :)

Good luck! If you have any questions, mail me!

-xoxo Toxxic (*0*)/
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Re: Spell to get your money
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
When replying to a post, always read the poster's profile first. Use your own common sense to decide if the poster is telling the truth or not. Many posters claim to know much,but actually know very little. And many are role-players.
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Re: Spell to get your money
Post # 4
I agree, although I hope that is not your way of saying that I am a fake, lmao. xD
But yes, you should read the poster's profile to determine if they are not only a poser/fake/role player, etc, but to also determine their knowledge, if they have any experience at all, their credibility, etc.
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Re: Spell to get your money
Post # 5
well any use of green candles charged with the intent of what you want it to do and then sanctified with any luck or money oil should help you get your money and not have a delay
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