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Post # 1
Hi. I don't know if this is the place for this post or asking what I'll be asking. But in all kindness, please don't be rude when answering. I'm having these angry dreams of my to be sister-in-law(she married my fiance's older brother) and I having really negative arguments. This lastest dream we were living with them again and it was a really upsetting and angry feeling i was picking up from her. And in real life she does kinda intimidate me. She'll talk plenty of crap yet she may or may not go through with it. And I know her really well. If this forum box has enough room, I shall explain to y'all the back story of this continuing feelings. Oks, I've been together with my fiance for 3 years now and still going really good. No major arguments. But his brother and his wife hardly have much of a marriage with all the arguing they do. They must havesplit up at least 30 or so times in.... I think the 5 years they've been together. ButI think the only reason they are still together is there second child who is 5. Their first one got adopted under their noses. But that's a whole other story. Anyway in my 3 years with my love I've learned many things about trust. And forgiveness doesn't come easy for me. Not when being betrayed. So around 10 months in to our relationship, my fiance and I moved in with his brother and her. I was 18 at the time and I thought i was ready to go out into the world. Thought is a big key word. I was naive and new to things outside the walls of my home. So living with his brother and wife was easy in the first few weeks. I never really got to know the wife. I'll just reference her in here as KD. So at the time i got to know KD i was also going throughsome strict pparent issues and she understood and could sympathize. And we just clicked after that. I trusted her. We became friends. But I wasn't used to livingin a house with a child in there. And for some unknown reason he and I bonded quickly. I've meet many children and adults and he has one of the purest souls, the purest auras I've ever been around. He's a joy to be around. His energies are at an amazing frequency. He can probably see spirits. And when something is going on this young boy can understand to such a depth most adults never reach. When he is in this mind set he speaks with wisdom beyond his youth. And I wasn't used to all that energies. So two months go by and the relationship with kd isn't exactly what i liked. I don't remember much of why we left the first time but I think it was that i thought she called in and impersonated me and quit my first job on a day I was really ill. I'll never know the truth. When we left we didn't associate with them for at least half a year. Then within a few months after we had all made up it went to shit again over some petty argument. I don't know. Hmm. Let's see we moved out on mother's day 2012 while they took my fiance's mom to the aquarium, we were busy moving out while they were gone. And they didn't like that we didn't tell them we were moving out. We could have told them.. but they are the type of people who will be complete assholes about it until you leave. We moved in with my dad. (Mom and dad got divorced the previous year) so while we lived with him KD and I finally started talking again. This time around we became close friends. I trusted her again because i felt like I had forgiven her. We had become best friends and I was happy about that. Was happy to have them in my life again. We were at peace. I hated hating her. I hated feeling betrayed. I'm really sensitive to emotion. Sensitive about feelings and thoughts, very much empath. And the emotions i pick up and it lingers. .. ugh. But in my time of best friends with kd I learned her. I observed and listened and got to knowher so well we ccould almost communicate without words. We understood each other. Well, didn't reveal to much of myself. ... sadly too much for my own good.And i ccould especially tell when she was lying. I felt the dishonesty. I knew when she was being fake. Yet she took me as a goof ball who was clueless. When I just like being happy and I'm easily amused. Not a bad thing. So we grew closer and soon dad was getting evicted after a year. And kd had the same room available that my fiance and i used last time. And i approached her about us moving back with her and all. It was either move with her or go back home to mom. I love my mom and we have a great relationship but she's still my mom. You know? Anyway we had to move before new years 2014. And about a week or two before Christmas we moved in with his brother for yet a second time. And i knew we weren't gonna go through the same problems again and i wasn't gonna get as bad as last time. Well, I was right. This time we faced a whole new set of issues. Mostly pretaining to financial issues. And food and just too many issues. And her little boy always wanted to come in the room. I adore him, I do. But I developed quite bad anxiety around many people. Or people with lots of energies flying around. And it was hard for me. I became more secluded in the room. And KD wasn't used to not being around people where i prefered it. I didn't get out the room unless my fiance was out the room. And i started feeling hateful and malicious feelings from KD. And we were friends on facebook and all that. And i knew when she was angry or had enough of a certain person she would unfriend them on there instead of comforting them unless need be. And a situation came up where fiance and i were to buy our own food and we would feed just ourselves and they would do the same. Because they would waste lots of food. And money was tight and the $100 we'd give them wouldn't go to foo food like meats. No it would go to snacks or toys for her son. It's money for food. Not unneeded junk. That's just gonna get thrown away. So with the situation as it was they asked that of us after they had spent the $100. My fiance only gets paid once a month and its enough to get by on after everything is paid for the month. Well being that we neededmmoney for food they agreed to give us $30 to buy food. So when the time came to give us the $30 they decided to ask us what we needed and they were going to fo shop for us. My fiance and i didn't like that. It's none of their business what we need at the store. And that's way too controlling. If you're gonna give us money for food just give us money so we can go for ourselves like the adults we are. And the night they went shop I think we went to my fiance's friends house and when we got home it was 8ish at night and no one was home. Which would have been fine if we had a key to get in the house or the door would have been unlocked. But nope they didn't give a shit that we were locked out for almost an hour and it was really cold outside. By telling them no about them going shop for us it pissed them off and they saw us as ungrateful bad people. But if going to help someone at least do what you originally said you were gonna do. Don't change your mind and expect the receiving end to be perfectly fine with it. No. So when they finally got home they opened the door. Fiance went straight inside. They had went buy food. And i offered to help them. And kd made the coment of something like "yes, thank you for offering. Unlike some people." And she ment my fiance. I helped bring the stuff in and went to our room. I felt alot of negative feelings coming off of kd. And when i went into the room those feelings only intensified. My fiance pointed out that kd unfriended him and i on facebook. He couldn't care less, he never liked kd to begin with. But she also unfriended me. And i thought we were friends. So that night , my fiance and i talked about moving out again and where could we go. My fiance said we could move in with my mom. They had been talking about the situation here. Oh, should mention they work at the same school as janitors so they've had lots of talking time and my mom isn't one to go after young guys and i trust him with everything i believe. Anyway, she said we were welcomed to go home. So I called my mom and explained everything and she said we are still welcomed to come home. And ahe asked us when and i told her the next day. And I asked her to please be here whem we do move everything. And to be with me when I tell them. She understood. And kd couldn't understand why we were leaving. After we finally got everything and and our cats at home and no longer had to go back to pick up anything over there. Fiance said he was done with his brother and as far as he was concerned he was an only child. And kd started texting me an hour after we finished over there saying we took her son's ds game with us which we didn't. And they misplaced it again but it's easier to blame someone else. And when I told her we didn't have it she started talking bullshit and I didn't respond. And that was the last i heard from her until early April 2014. Shw wanted to take back a swim suit in which she given me as a birthday gift. And i told her no it was a gift you gave me. And she threatened to to call the police over a swim suit! Which she never did. Or at least no police showed up here. But I thought whatever. And it's late July and i haven't heard from her since. I have her blocked on facebook and i think on my phone too. Because it's always drama drama drama with her. I don't need that. And since I've been feeling less stressed. But lately KD has been in my dreams. And at the end of this recent one I remember running out the house and into my nanny's hug crying to her that i was tired of feeling all these feelings. And everytime i dream she's in there. Mostly in a bad way and i wake up feeling really blah. And I've heard that when you dream of someone they are either thinking about you or talking about you. And I'd like all these negative dreams to stop. So to anyone that read all of this, thank you. And do you have any advice of the dream? I believe dreams have meanings. My mom says it sounds like I have a lot of pent up anger and betrayal. So any advice? A spell to stop the dreams? Anything that doesn't involve talking to KD. Because she's no a positive person.
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Re: dreams/interpretations
Post # 2
** correction at the end after talking about my nanny. I ment everytime kd is in my dream it's not happy.
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