Connecting The Selves

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Connecting The Selves
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Today I began working on connecting and clearing the paths to the three selves so I can have a relationship with each and work together as a team for magickal and non magickal purposes.

For those that don't know about the Three Selves, The theory is that the self is in three layers or parts. The Younger self, The talking self, and the High Self.
Appearently the Younger self is in charge of emotions and memory and is rather childlike, the Talking self is the part of one that is conscious and in charge of thought, and the High self is kind of like the Divine or Deity within, that has higher powers to manifest one's needs.

Its said in order to connect the Younger self with the High self, you have to get to know the younger self and heal its Issues (traumas, guilts, fears, etc).
I'm currently working on getting to know my Younger self. Which I've kind of ignored most of my life because I always saw that part of me as being "out of control".

Today I started asking her questions that are light subjects. Like what kinds of foods and drinks she likes (So I could give them to her as "treats" when we talk), what colors she likes, and what she likes to do for fun.
I'm looking for ideas of other questions I can ask her that are light subjects.
I'll move onto more heavy subjects once I form a better relationship because I know that I have had a kind of rough past both distant and recent and I don't want to upset her or cause her not to want to talk to me.
Any ideas on what I could ask?
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Re: Connecting The Selves
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Ahh yes,I remember reading about the Three Selves in a book once.
Asking her light questions first is a good idea.Think about talking to a child in a daycare or something.You have to try not to intimidate her,and talk about things she likes.
As for the deeper questions,it'd be best to bring it up very gently,and do not be scared.Remember,she is only an aspect of yourself!Good Luck!
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