I'm losing my faith?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> I'm losing my faith?

I'm losing my faith?
Post # 1
Hi. I used to be quite spiritual and religious, placing my beliefs in the ancient Egyptian gods among others. I was able to astral project, but recently the astral projections seem less.. Real. They seem like it's just my imagination, and I feel like I don't truly know the gods I've prayed to for the last 4 years anymore..

I want to find my way again. How do you stay on your path? Once you start to stray, is there any way to get back on the path of faith?

I desperately want the astral projections to feel how they used to.. I want to believe in the gods, but my brain keeps questioning it, making my beliefs grow thinner and thinner.. How do I keep my faith?

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Re: I'm losing my faith?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I know this feeling. I'm going through the same thing myself.
I'd say try to do rituals often and magickal based work everyday (Like studying random topics, making incenses/burning incenses, working with crystals, writing spells, doing short meditations and praying).
I know one of my main issues is that I have a lot of emotional issues right now and I'm not grounded, its hard for me to do magickal work and believe in these things when I don't even believe in myself. I've been using crystals every day to try to cleanse myself and bring on positive energy.
I also have a problem that I can't do rituals much as at because I have a dog that doesn't listen and likes to destroy things and bother me even when I'm not doing a ritual and I don't have time alone to do one in private since I live with my boyfriend. I think I'll have to set aside times and days when I can do ritual work and just tell my boyfriend to keep our puppy busy for a while while I do them.

I hope you're able to get back on your feet! If you need some support feel free to message me. I'm also looking for a fellow witch to help me stay focused on my path
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Re: I'm losing my faith?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I know the feeling. When I was young I would practice daily, and my coven would meet often. Then we graduated and life caught up with us, we saw less and less of each other and my schedule cut down on my ritual/meditation time. There came my lowest point a year or two ago when I questioned things. I began to read more, I went back to the basics, and tried to set time aside to connect with the world around me.

Meditation is a good option. Every day, set time aside to meditate, or reflect. If you don't think you can, look at your life, make a list of everything you do in a day and how long it takes. Maybe you could cut down on internet time, or incorporate your faith while walking to work/school. I walk everywhere, on my walks I observe the world around me, I become aware of things, and I make a list of things I'm grateful and say a quick prayer, something like 'thankyou for this rainny day [I love those] I hope the flowers bloom in the garden as a result.' Little things can become big things as you move on.

There's also something [almost certain Scott Cunningham came up with it] called the 13 Goals of a Witch. It can be edited at the persons views, but Cunningham discovered that every witch could live by these 13 things. I'm currently working on it and its helping me. They're things like 'know yourself', 'know your craft', 'meditate' and so on. Basically things to live by. Even if you aren't a witch its worth a look. [list of the goals]

I would look inward, and try to do daily meditation, a monthly circle, any try daily prayer. I currently say one in the morning and one at night, but I know people who also say a prayer before each meal [including snacks] its up to the individual, but you should look inside. Don't make a logical answer, listen to your heart. No one can say for certain if a deity does or does not exist, you must discover for yourself.
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