Hai dere :)

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Hai dere :)
Post # 1
Hello everyone! I'm WingsofWind. :) You can just call me Wings tho, if you want. If you want to take the time to write the other 6 letters of my name then be my guest.

Let's see... A bit about myself?

~I love video games. I mainly play Minecraft, Skyrim, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
~I'm a girl. And yes, I still kick butt on BO2.
~My element is air. For as long as I can remember the wind has always responded to my call. Sometimes even going as far as causing a storm to change directions or knock me off my feet.
~I have an abnormally strong third eye and can see a lot of things that a lot of people work really hard to see. I can also predict simple futures with ease, get a strong feel of a person without talking to them, and can do small things like second-degree telepathy, changing traffic lights (very useful), and convincing people to do certain things without having to talk to them (though I haven't done that in a long time and don't plan to).

I'm a fun, bubbly girl with a strong sense in science as well. I'm 20 and in university studying Biology. I plan on joining NASA one day and being on the crew to go to Mars. If you have any questions or want help or advice in any of the things I've said above then don't be afraid to message me.

NOTE: I will NOT give out my facebook, skype, kik, phone number etc. Ask me, and I will block you. If you never talk to me and then suddenly tell me I seem cool or pretty or whatever, I will block you. Please, you are not getting a free booty call from me.
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Re: Hai dere :)
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hey Wings! It's nice to have you here and in our coven! Hope you get the help you want soon.
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Re: Hai dere :)
Post # 3
um hey did your username on minecraft used to be xxemeraldgirlxx?
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