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Forums -> Astral Projection -> please help

please help
Post # 1
What is astral projection,

And what is the dangers, benefits, and positives of Astral Projection...
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Re: please help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Astral projection os the projection of your mind out into the astral plane. And benefits/positives are many. In the astral plane, you can do whatever you can imagine. It's pretty cool. Dangers? Not sure. I've never been in it for very long, nor have I left an area of woodland in it.
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Re: please help
Post # 3

The best definition of Astral Projection that I have ever read, and will always use to explain it to people is:

Astral projection is a process through which our consciousness leaves our physical body and is free to travel anywhere, unrestricted by our normal physical boundaries.

Dangers? None. There's nothing to be afraid of. In the astral, you're your own master. You are free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want to go, etc.

Benefits? Mentioned above.

Astral projection is a very interesting subject, practice and experience. But it may take a long time before you can have an OBE. Make sure to study as much as you can, believe in yourself, then start practicing.

You can try the Rope Technique, Monroe's Technique, The Thirst Technique, Astral projection via Lucid dreaming, etc. Many techniques, you can also invent your own technique.

There are hundreds if not thousands of astral projection techniques, if one doesn't work for you try another one. You may practice a technique as long as you want, but if it doesn't feel right, simply use another one.

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Re: please help
Post # 4
okay astral projection is when your spirit leaves your body and you travel anywhere me I personally enjoy the planes of creativity because I make the world how I want it. the dangers are that the cord that holds your spirit to your body may severe and break if this happens you will slip into a colma unless you are the less than 1% to find your body again.also if you think of how you'd die in the horror movie you watched in the creativity planes that's what will happen
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Re: please help
Post # 5
The projection of the astral self into the astral world and in 3D is what is variously known as astral projection, astral travel, bilocation etc.
There are not much dangers in astral travel but only that which you mentally create.
In astral world the laws are more active than in the gross material world.So, every thought you harbors while astral projecting will take on form there.This calls for positive imagery and thinking.
Astral projector must cast fears from his mind if he/she desire success in the journey. Man actually weaves his destiny.
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Re: please help
Post # 6

@Sibyl The silver cord cannot be severed during an astral projection experience. Even if it can be severed, that person will die after that and you can never say it was because of the practice. It can be a normal death.

@LUCIMAATFER Sure, fear can stop the practitioner from having an OBE. If people are afraid of leaving the physical "cage", they should never try astral projection.

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