The FAQs edit?

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The FAQs edit?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I think these should be edited.
I've been referring new people to that section and I just went back to reread it and found something that I don't agree with.

FAQ two says "are these real magick spells? Do they work?" The answer for it says yes, they are nit just made up on the fly, and even goes to say that they are found from abandoned library in Salem and old Europe... This is false. I mean some of them may be from those places, but there are some on this site that have been created by the members. AND the spells may not work for a carrying number of reasons. Im sure that most of the experienced practitioners on this site will agree that the spells meant to change appearance, turn into something, teleport, etc, are not real spells. So just basically saying "yes" is not completely correct.

There is an FAQ that asks if these spells are dangerour and if one can get hurt. The answer given was "yes, they are very dangerous.' I object... some spells may be meant to cause harm, and others are not. However the degree of danger posed is dependant on the practitioners ability to work the magick. If one is not very experienced, the magick would be difficult to work if at all. The result would be something probably weak and disorganized. If one is experienced in working magick, then this person already knows of the danger and wouldn't really need to ask. So this answer should actually probably be something like'generally speaking, these spells aren't dangerous. When a black magick spell is cast by an experienced practioner though, it can be.'

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Re: The FAQs edit?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
CAN they be edited?
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Re: The FAQs edit?
Post # 3
Mail an editor or a mod and yes they can be edited. Here is a link to all the editors:
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Re: The FAQs edit?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I do not believe that moderators nor editors have permission to change FAQs.

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Re: The FAQs edit?
Post # 5
Oh my bad, after reading says they can Answer the FAQ's not change them.
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