My dream

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My dream
Post # 1
i prayed to the Goddess Isis to give me a meaningfull dream and give me the power so i can remember it and my dream started at this Kemetic Haven it had short white and light brown walls someone was getting Married under this really big building it was open then i went inside the temple and a woman greeted me "Em Hotep" i greeted her back she looked like a Hem or she could have been a Kher Heb we kinda bowed to each other and she had these drawing of all the Gods on her back it had also hieroglyphics and her tattoo was also gold colored wall the walls of the temple were thick rock and there was a fire where she wen to put some thing down and then i went back outside and there were these people sitting on this whitish light brown couch talking and i invoked Isis and everything became white and then my sight came back everything and suddenly i Got powers over life and death then i met these people and i made this pomegranate plant get flower and i made a few plants grow then screamed Djehuti !!!! I invoke theee and everything became white again I said you will get the knowledge you need to a few people and their faces changed like they now know my friend was also there he was leaning on this white wall he was in this green shirt with black pants and i said you will get the knowledge you need and he suddenly said something and he was like he was doing everything wrong and i gave everyone the knowledge they need then i went where the people where getting married and there was a Papyrus plant in the Middle of this big space and all the plants were dying and I made them come back to life and the Papyrus plant turned into a Papaya tree and there was another plant with yellow flowers it was a little tall with its stem showing it was brown with a thin bark and the flowers looked like yellow rose everytime I invoked Isis twice and Djehuti once and everytime i invoked them everything would turn white and slowly i would regain my vision and i would feel like i want in control of my body and these people i told them i was Isis i lied but still convinced them i was but then i showed them i had powers
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Re: My dream
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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