Important Chakra Reminder

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Important Chakra Reminder
Post # 1

I have recently come across a few people who have come to me asking for help regarding development of their own psychic abilities and effectively giving readings. I find that often times, people who are giving Clairvoyant readings only focus on working with and opening their 3rd Eye Chakra which is very important, don't get me wrong but what they neglect to do along with that is to open both their Root and Crown Chakras as well.

These two Chakras are inarguably the most important Chakras to have open (along with the Chakra [s] that directly pertain/s to your psychic gift [s] ) because each allows energy to flow both in and out of your body naturally and without error; they basically see to it that your psychic channels are open and allowing for energy to flow through your energy body harmoniously. So, with that said, make sure that you do not forget/neglect to open these two Chakras, along with other Chakras, to encourage the true flow of psychic energy. Blessed Be.

- Chris

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Re: Important Chakra Reminder
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Certainly correct!

As soon as any casual beginner in the practise hears that the 'Third Eye' chakra is associated with psychic ability they steadfastly pursue growth in only this chakra.

Neglect and imbalance in any chakra is harmful, and over-abundance of energy development in the third eye, if the rest are neglected, can result in frequent headaches and feeling overwhelmed when working with magic. Having your chakras off balance also makes any energy work more difficult, thus makes any spell casting much more arduous.

When you work with chakra you mush work to keep all the chakras balanced, working on furthering just one, no matter how 'cool' it sounds is harmful and counter productive. Don't let lack of patience triumph over the result of hard work!

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