I'd like to know a way to

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Forums -> Herbalism -> I'd like to know a way to

I'd like to know a way to
Post # 1
Weaken fibromyalgia
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Re: I'd like to know a way to
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Do you mean weakening of the pain from it?
If you can improve the amount of good sleep you get ,your muscles will be repairing better and cause you less pain in addition.Our body's tissues repair the best during sleep ,due to the hormonal and neurotransmitter changes ,which work together.Herbs that aid sleep will be helpful such :chamomile,passionflower,hops,kava,valerian ,and you can add some poppy(common poppy) seeds to your meals.

You can apply topic creams that are made from arnica and rosemary.Rosemary essential oil can be diluted in carrier oil and massaged on the painful area.Try ice packs or heat packs (hot bath) and alternating them to see what works for you.

Additional tips:
Have a good diet.

Learn to do the exercises and stretches recommended by doctor,who is expert on the condition.Please ,note that most of those are done in a pool of water.You do not want to strain your muscle because they will not repair as fast as in the case someone that does not have the condition.

Find a support group locally.

Learn to massage affected area.Get familiar with the trigger points and how they are treated.

Learn to meditate and breath deeply in and out.This reduces the pain.

Stay positive and see your situation as challenge from which you can learn.

Do as much research on the condition as you can.

Before deciding to do any self healing herbal treatments ,exercise and dietary changes seek the advise and the approval of your physician.
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Re: I'd like to know a way to
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Oh, I've had fb for many years, and I can give you some pointers. But no spell is going to help. Staying positive, getting lots of sleep, eating correct diet, and education of it helps immensely. Finding the right doctor is VERY important. There are so many problems with fb, with all that goes with it. Diet and sleep seem the most important. Even finding the right meds and herbs and supplements is quite the chore. Multi-vitamins and minerals, garlic gel caps, and herbs for calming and digestion are needed. The less prescription meds = better for your body. But standby meds seem to be the normal need, as you take as needed only to prevent becoming dependent. Relaxation of muscles and mind are at the top of the list. I have more to say, but am having a hard time finding my words, due to fibro-fog. Feel free to mail me anytime, as I have found tricks and ways to ease symptoms. I am willing to help, as people who don't know about this truly don't understand what we go through. Hope this helps. Blessed Be...
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