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In need of help
Post # 1
Hi i have recently opened a good size herb store, and by no means am i advertising, anyway i used to be at another location and that needless to say was a mild disaster. either way i was asked to leave the location and forced to relocate. No problem, only now i think the people who were at the other location where i was are out playing tricks and im not ok with it. I hand made a sign for some one to break it twice, and the way it's broken the wind can not do. i also have had very little customers walk through my door even though i had large business at the other location. i feel like someone has placed a spell on me in some way and i would like to remove it and return t back to it's sender, so that i may continue business without problems. i do not understand why people do such things but i will no be shoves around just because someone does not want my store to be successful. can you guys help me out and tell me how one might remove spells and send them back. yes i know it's grey magic i just never had to do this before. please message thanks a bunch!!!
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Re: In need of help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well,im 99% sure you didnt get a spell placed on you.
Its probably just,your customers are confused.
Keep putting out signs,staple or tape info outside the old location,and instead of a revenge spell,do a better business spell.
Things should get goin soon.
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Re: In need of help
Post # 3
i dont understand why her costumers would break her sign but you probably were talking about her costumers not being there....

that's a good idea. i think she should also make advertisements online. maybe some people dont know what your business is around the place you work put up something that gives them a idea of what you sell. putting pictures of what you sell on your advertisements not only shows the product but will get peoples attention

what would you rather look at words or a picture
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