Altar Confusion

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Altar Confusion

Altar Confusion
Post # 1
Don't mind this being too long.

Here I was setting up my altar when I noticed something. Which side is supposed to be left and which was right (don't laugh yet, read on)? Is left considered my left or the altar's left (considering it's 'facing' towards me)? So I looked it up some pictures to try to get the answer. Instead, some were on one side, and some on the other! Which side is it supposed to be/ What side do you do?

Another problem is, my BOS is on a computer, so I'm wondering how that would work putting my BOS on the altar... Maybe saving it on a USB and putting it on the altar? I'm not too sure.

Thanks. Anything helps.
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Re: Altar Confusion
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Your Altar is your personal space!
It doesnt have to fit any standards or follow a specific rule.
It can be whatever you want.
As for the BOS,if you want it on your altar,you can hold your computer or put it near the altar while doing work.
If it is a desktop,USB could be the way to go.Other options include;printing out the cover page and using that,or use an object like a pen or blank page to represent your BOS.
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Re: Altar Confusion
Post # 3
like i said in the coven

why not print it. the USB key would work two.

im guessing its your left and right but if you see pictures of it both ways then i think it matters more on how you want it.

i like to think of it this way when your writing you usualy write from your left to write around where i live but in japan they write from right to left.

so the point is that i don't think it matters much. but then again i could be wrong so wait until another person answers.
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Re: Altar Confusion
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Left and right on the altar are to your left and your right as you are facing the altar. Let's see if I can draw it out for you.

L ____________________ R



So if you are the "0" facing towards the altar then left is to your left and right to your right.

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Re: Altar Confusion
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Think of the altar as an extension of yourself. It's left is the same add your left. you can put anything at any spot you want on the alter. Although there are some things that correspond with the different elements, and directions that correspond with the elements, i don't actually think it matters if they are in the same directions. The pictures of altars that are in books and on websites are just guidelines. You can alter your altar to fit whatever is comfortable for you. Also it's okay for you to have an electronic book of shadows, don't worry too much about putting it on your altar. You would only need that if, say you need to follow instructions. But some say that metals can funk up spells, so i don't know about putting the flash drive on your altar. If you really need it you could print or write down the part you needed for the working.

The craft is flexible. There aren't really specific rules you have to follow
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