honoring or worshipping

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honoring or worshipping
Post # 1
I have recently gone through some serious self-discovery. My husband left me for a younger woman. About 4 months later. A series of events and epiphanies occurred. I became aware of who I am and my spiritual connections and in some cases, abilities for various reasons i always repressed it this knowledge. Hecate saved me. I was so despondent. She responded to my pleas and questions. She is now teaching me. Not blatant responses. No I am to learn to trust myself again and learn to interpret her messages she wishes me to. Its hard sometimes. But this is my question. What is the appropriate amount of time to worship or honor? I realize I have been obsessing in many aspects. I mean I go outside each night for about 2 hours. To the point I have fallen asleep outside. So is once a week okay? I do not wish to be ungrateful or disrespectful of Hecate. Also, I have attempted some spells that say to select your deity relative to love. The first time I select Bastet. But the next time I felt that would produce a negative reaction from Hecate, like it was a snub. Perhaps I am over thinking this. I would appreciate some feedback.
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Re: honoring or worshipping
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Lorel, I would ask Hecate. Use a system of divination, even just pulling pieces of paper out of a hat. Ask that she guide you to tell you what she wants.

I try to do daily devotions, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. For me, I spend around an hour in ritual and the rest of the day being mindful of my deities. It isn't so much about how much time is spent in ritual and how much is spent in the mundane. It's how much time is spent with them and what you do with it. :)

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Re: honoring or worshipping
Post # 3
Thank you. I like your idea. I have her for permission to use Runes a few times. The last one blew me away. At first she responded to me in extraordinary ways, l am dead serious. I would be crying or begging her to help restore my marriage ... Or simply ask a question... There would instantly be a falling or shooting star, prolonged or spiraling, strange phenomenon's, to say the least. Now Hecate answers in very subtle ways. But I get scared she will abandon me too. So I will try what you suggest.
so any thoughts on how the deities would view worshipping multiple gods and goddesses??
thank you
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