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Post # 1
I need help creating Fate Cards. How many cards do I need, how do I make them, what should be on the cards, how are they read/dealt? Also, is there any certain type of materials I should use to make them?
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Re: Help?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Fortune Telling from Misc Topics.
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Re: Help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Can you explain what you mean in Fate Cards? What will it purpose with those cards? Will it be an oracle deck, a tarot deck, a lenormand deck, self help deck, etc?
You can use as many cards you like if it is an oracle or self help deck since usually a tarot deck contains 78 cards or 79 (the happy squirrel) and the lenormand contains 36 cards (no more no less).

You're the artist, so you can make it anything you want it to be. When you mean how you will make it I'll assume you will be making it while using card stocks since you did mention cards.

Before making your cards I'll recommend searching up those types of decks that I mention as well look up at cardstock. I think it will be your best interest in doing your research before making your deck. That is what I did before I made my lenormand deck.

I used game system blank cardstock and drew my pictures using sharpies.
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Re: Help?
Post # 4
Oh, thank you so much! I will definitely research more about those decks you mentioned. I was just planning on using them whenever a reading is needed. Is there a specific deck I should use just for general purposes?
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Re: Help?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
For general readings I'll go for oracle cards or tarot cards, but lenormand are not good for general readings nor are they read like those two decks.

If you want to make your own tarot cards then search up which style you want to make there are:

The Rider Waite
The Mariselle Tarot
The Thoth tarot

The oracles leans more of a free form. Anything goes for oracles. The art can be anything you want it to be the same goes for how many you want to make. There are no limits to oracle cards.

Another deck you can use are normal playing cards just search up the meanings. Heck you can even make your own lenormand cards by just using playing cards insert you just need to remove a few cards out.

Those are the only cards that I know for divination. I know that there are a deck of cards that contain runes if you don't want to use stones as well tea leafs cards.

Here's a fun tip
You're the artist so draw whatever you wanna draw. No one will judge you and you can put any symbols you wanna draw. Have fun!
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