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Post # 1
can someone please give me a copy of the Wicca and Magic General Assessment Form

and also one more question how do you found out on what type of witch you really are?
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Re: help
Post # 2
An assessment form? I never heard of that.

What kind of a witch? I assume you've misunderstood the concept of magick.

Look, whatever you've seen or read or heard in movies/books/from other people about magick is not real. The Harry Potter kind of magick does not exist. We call it magic without K.

But magick (spelled with K) refers to the real form. Now what is it?

Magick is the art of manipulating energy to achieve self-enlightenment or meet your higher self to seek guidance throughout your life. Magick is the way to see beyond the physical limitations visible to our eyes, other than creating changes in the physical form.

Magick is energy. The same as your spirit, your soul or your life force. But no, not the same as the physical energy. So magick is not physical energy. So you tell me, can you bring a physical change, such as levitation, without a physical energy? No :)

Think of changing your DNA. it's something physical. You cannot use magick to turn into something or change the appearance of your nose but you can change it with a simple surgery. Why? Because surgery is a physical activity having physical energy but magick has spiritual energy.

Magick works with the universe. With other dimensions. With other entities. Not with the physical illusion in this realm. So, changing your DNA, going against your nature, flying, teleporting yourself or anything similar is not possible with magick.

I'd suggest you studying a little bit more on this topic and digest the real meaning of magick.
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Re: help
Post # 3
The term "Magic" is often used as the fictional form of practice, what you can see in Hollywood movies and fictional books.
However some still prefer to use "Magic" instead of "Magick", even when they're talking about the real form of practice.
Well, the best definition of Magick I have read till now, would be Aleister Crowley's.
He defines Magick as "Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will".
Magick, to me, is using your energy to make your small world a better place. I also agree with Nitya, Magick is not physical energy. That's basically why most people don't believe in it, Because you can't just wave your hand and turn people into talking frogs.
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Re: help
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Have you paid a visit to the FAQ section? Or newbie central?
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Re: help
Post # 5
I need help, i have been robbed and treated like a dog too long. If someone will help with a revenge or justice spell i would be greatly thankful. Dont tell me to try to talk it out or explain what's wrong...that has been tried and hasn't helped. If someone knows what to do please contact me. This situation is out of control.
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