does spells work?

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does spells work?
Post # 1
Hi, I'm Laurie. I'm new here nice to meet all of you. I'm really just your average high school girl but there's something I always wanted to do! I want to cast spells and do other cool things with this magic but there's jus one thing I really want to know, and that well, those these spells really actually work? I don't like to be played on things like this. Has anyone actually did one of these spells and did it actually work?? I really wanna know and I'll love to try them at any cost really! I'll be so relieved to leave my boring life behind and enter and world of magic and spells!
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Re: does spells work?
Post # 2
Hi Laurie, I'm new too only because I just now ran across this website while surfing online today. I have not read many of the spells here yet but I can tell you magic is real and yes spells work. If they do not then try a different way. Practice makes perfect, and spell casting is an art and dependant on many factors. You may want to read some books on crystal and herbal magic. Its an amazing world that we live in.
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Re: does spells work?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Casting a "real" spell is not so easy as it sounds.Somebody of experience,such as Lark, would tell you that!
"Real" spells seem to have a good chance of working.Fantasy spells do not!
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Re: does spells work?
Post # 4
Dear Laurie. i do not wish to sound dispiriting but you cannot just cast a spell and change your reality.
Magyck is a very real force, but it is simply the energy that flows through everything in the universe. it has to follow the laws that everything else in this plane do, which basically means that you cannot break the laws of reality with magic. all that a spell does is puts intentions into words, allowing you to state what you wish to be done. the rest is up to your ability to manipulate the energy that flows through and around you into doing what you want.
there are real spells and there are fake spells. and it is very easy to determine the difference. if a spell is supposed to do something impossible :for example a flying spell or teleportation spell or any spell that claims to change you into something else. or allow you to do impossible things then they are fake. magyck is subtle, the changes that it causes are very slight and hard to notice until it is done and often times takes time to happen.

I hope that this is helpful to you. sincerely Kusinagai Hanyou.

May the stars guide you on your path and keep you in their light, may the moon show you the way to your destination may the wind blow at your back and keep you cool on your endless journey. have peace and tranquility through your days .until next time, darkest blessings to you my brothers and sisters under the gods.
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