Simple love spell.

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Simple love spell.
Post # 1
Does anyone know any simple love spells, or how to make my own? Not a spell for a crush, to bring a lover to me.
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Re: Simple love spell.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Its very simple to make your own.
Cast your circle first,and call upon any deities you may have.
Then perform any symbolic actions,such as writing qualities of your desired lover,making rose water,lighting candles,speaking chants (which you can write),anything to do with your desires.
Thank any powers you have called upon,and open the circle.
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Re: Simple love spell.
Post # 3

If you wish to make your own, I would follow the instructions given by Daisy Chains :) If you aren't sure what to say or what to do, you can always go to my profile, click on my history tab, and way at the bottom there is a simple love spell which can be adapted in any way and with any materials :) It is even named "A simple love spell" Hope this helped :D

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Re: Simple love spell.
Post # 4
Thx for the info guys! I will try this out.
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Re: Simple love spell.
Post # 5
Im going to discribe how i did the spell,
I place an old wooden table(That belonged to my grandmother) In a quiet room. This was my altar. I put a chair in front. I placed candles around the table. I placed one white candle on the table, with a pencil and paper. I lit the candles and cast my circle. Then lit the white one. I meditate for a few minutes to clear my mind, then i focus on all the qualities i would want in a lover. I wrote this on a piece of paper, and put my emotions in it. I drew what i thought my lover would look like as well. I then focused on us, if we were together. I did a chant, basically wishing for pure, strong, wonderful love. Kiss the paper (Pretending to kiss him) And gave thanks.
I dont know if i overdid it or under did it. I just put as much thought and emotion as i felt necessary. The circle felt warm and i could sense a different vibe in the air.
Please tell me if this was ok.
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