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Honey Jar
Post # 1
Hello people!

I really want to make my first spell, (casting the watchtowers count as a spell? whatever...)
I'm very interested in the honey jar, I would like to get as many advices I can get to do it properly, I would like to get detailed instructions for the spell and the reasons it can be used for.
I'm eager to start and I don't rely that much on the spell list on the main site because some spells are simply ridiculous, also I want to perform a spell to find my soulmate, which spell can anyone recommend? I'm in need of a really good one.

Thanks in as a advance
Blessed be
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Re: Honey Jar
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Honey jars are used to sweeten an idea, a spirit. Money is a spirit, the spirit of the person in the jar, etc. They sweeten the target up to the worker for various reasons.

The ingredients used will depend on the situation. I would use different herbs and objects for a money honey jar than a love honey jar. So, figure out what's best for the situation. It can be as simple as a photo, petition, and the sweetener.

The sweeteners used in the jar, however, will effect the overall "spell." Honey is slow pouring and will take more time and work for results. Sugar and syrup pours faster than honey, so the work will be faster, but honey will crystallize after a while, setting the work in stone. The trick is to work on the honey jar as much as possible, have it contain powerful ingredients, heat it, set lights on it, etc before the work crystallizes. Once a work stops moving, it's stopped. If you never work the jar, it just sits there.

Honey jars are really popular, but there are other ways to sweeten people.

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Re: Honey Jar
Post # 3
Thanks for the advise, are there any stronger method to sweetened another's one heart? I want someone to remember how much it means for me.
What about a spell to find my soulmate, has anyone succeeded with the jar or with a soulmate spell?
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Re: Honey Jar
Post # 4

I'd suggest a honey jar and lighting a red seven day candle.

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Re: Honey Jar
Post # 5
Seven days candle?
That's new for me
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Re: Honey Jar
Post # 6
You actually probably have seen them before, I've seen different types of seven day candles for specific saints like Saint Matthew. These candles when lit can last seven days.
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